CH 5_Segundo Paso: Telling someone what to do and not to do

20 terms By clarichardson Teacher

marlbmfl KS3 French Year 7 Module 6 Set 2 When? The weekend, what to do

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French 2 Allez, viens Chapitre 8.2 (Making, accepting and declining requests; telling someone what t…

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What do you like to do? Set 1 Verbs

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what to do

20 terms By phelexlin Teacher

Realidades - Cápitulo 1A - ¿Qué Te Gusta Hacer? (What Do You Like to Do?)

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We can follow directions in the classroom when we hear my teacher give commands (what to do)

15 terms By dianne_marie_vitar Teacher

Paul's Instructions to a Young Minister - Some "What NOT to Do s" and "What to D…

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Telling someone what to do/how to do something

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NCHS, French II: L5 (what to do on weekends)

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10.2 Asking for help & responding to requests. Telling a friend what to do.

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French 1 Unit 3: What do you like to do?

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Kapital 8/Erste Stufe, Asking what you should do,Tell someone what to do.

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Telling someone what to do and not to do

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Fêtons l'hiver! - Imperative! Tell someone what to do.

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French 1 Unit 3: What do you like to do? action verbs

48 terms By SCHSGigi Teacher

Unidad 1.1 Vocabulario, What to do

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Hobbies: What do you like to do in your free time? What do you like doing in your free time?

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Kapitel 7 - Zweite Stufe - set 2 - Asking for and offering help and telling someone what to do

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L1 1A to say what you like/don't like to do, to ask others what they like to do, other useful v…

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Lesson 38: What do you like to do during weekends?

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What do you like to do? Set 2

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NW 1 / PreUnit / What to do in class

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What to do and remember?

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B8U2-What Do You Want to Do?

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Reading "What To Do When The Russians Come"

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Tricolore Total 4 - Unité 6 - ça m'intéresse / Deciding what to do and making suggestions

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Unidad 3 - What Do You Like to Do?

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Kapitel 8/Erste Stufe Asking what you should do; telling someone what to do

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Health Ch. 1 Know what to do

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What do fish have to do with anything? by AVI

12 terms By Miss_Maslowski Teacher

Irregular Commands--Tú affirmative--telling a friend what to do

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Rhetorical Devices what to do and what not to do

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Ch 5.2 What you like to do together

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¡Exprésate! Chapter 3, Talking about what you and others like to do

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Places around town and what to do Anthony DeFazio

37 terms By Anthony_DeFazio2

What to do

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What to do when you are bored...

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What To Do When You Smell a Pie Baking

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What to do today? - Polish

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What to Do with Transport (WB, p.16)

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What to do on Vacation

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You Know What to Do

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What to do on vacation

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To talk about what to do in class

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5.2 Telling someone what to do and not to do Spanish 2

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Tell Someone What To Do

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What to do in class

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