English 1 root words

By reneohana
40 terms by reneohana

Foundations of English Root Words

By AlexandriaWLee
72 terms by AlexandriaWLee

English Root Words

By Cassidy_Clark5
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English Root Words

By fipla
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English Word Roots

By Richard_ChiamuleraTEACHER
69 terms by Richard_ChiamuleraTEACHER

English Root Words

By benjamin_char
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English II Root Words 1

By Ison-Bowman
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English III Root Word Meanings

By Jennifer_Keogh
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English Root Words

By Seonggil12
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Rest of English Root Words

By fipla
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English 9/Honors Root Words

By john_j_spinks
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English Root Words 2016

By Makayla_Kraetsch
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English roots and root words

By quizlette329063
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OHS English root words

By lhughessped
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English Latin Root Words

By EinsteinTheGenius
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English~ Suffixes and Root Words

By Sydnee_Sowash
17 terms by Sydnee_Sowash

Greek to English root words

By stangejTEACHER
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English Word Roots - SAT

By MadameSherilJohnsonTEACHER
69 terms by MadameSherilJohnsonTEACHER

English Word Roots - SAT

69 terms by MmeCPMHS

English root words

By jtm1122
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root words english

By mccormickbms
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English 8 Word Roots

By cpeldridgeTEACHER
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English Root Words

By Akirchner1221
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English Root Words

By jumpingjivie
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english root words

By Alva_18
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English Root words

By Long_Chamroeun
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English Word Roots

By EavesJonah
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English Root Words

By Symphony_Hammond
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English Vocabulary Root Words

By Analilia_
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English Word Roots

By BridgetNf3
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Root words- english

By Ashley_Haines2
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english root words

By angellopez02
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English Root Words

By Jorge_Sanchez5
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English root words

By eastadmiral
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English root word vocab

By CassandraCabrera13
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Root Words English 2

By RR_5872
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Extended English Root Words

By Patricia_Tammen
11 terms by Patricia_Tammen

English Words (Root Words)

By Hayley_VanKuren
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OHS English root words

By spacker3
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OHS English root words

By poolems
61 terms by poolems

IvyZen English Root Words

By Alexander_Loveless
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English root words 1

8 terms by FAJARJAI000


By Abigail_Arnold78
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English Root Words 1

By lobatste000
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English root words 1

By nunezalo000
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English root words 1

By Jasmine-a12
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English Root Words Set 12

By lightapprenticeTEACHER
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English root words 1

8 terms by ZETINCAR000

English Root words set 8

By lightapprenticeTEACHER
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English 11 root words

By Wendy_McMahon
16 terms by Wendy_McMahon