Femur (Posterior View)

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The Femur, anterior and posterior views

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Lower Extremities - Femur Posterior View

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Lower Extremities - Femur Posterior View

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Lower Extremities - Femur Posterior View

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Lower Extremities - Femur Posterior View

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Femur posterior

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Posterior View of Skeleton

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posterior view of the skeloton

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Abdomen & Pelvis- Posterior View

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The Skeleton Anterior & Posterior View

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Skeletal System: Posterior View

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Anatomy Femur

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Cervical vertebrae - x-ray

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Posterior View

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Arm Muscles posterior view

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x-ray - Skull, spine and physics

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X-ray quizzes [2015]

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Larynx: Anterior view, Posterior view, Sagittal view

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Modern Technology School X-ray Review--Torso

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Organization of the skeleton matching posterior view

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Knee Joint posterior view

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Posterior View in the Anatomical Position Anatomy 101

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posterior view of leg and thigh

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Modern Technology School X-ray Review--Extremity

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Ch 10: Femur (Bone)

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Abdominal X-ray - anatomy

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Femur and pelvic girdle

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Page 241: Posterior View of the Right Leg (Superficial)

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Page 242: Posterior View of the Right Leg (Intermediate)

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Chest X-ray anatomy

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Page 243: Posterior View of the Right Leg (Deep)

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x ray entrance

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Patella & Femur

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Skeletal system, hip and leg, Pg.47, posterior view

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X-Ray Interp. 1

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Page 181: Posterior View of the Right Pelvis (Deep)

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Page 212: Posterior View of the Right Thigh (Superficial)

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posterior view of female reproductive organs

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Anterior and Posterior View of Human Muscles

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NBCE-Part 2-X-ray-positioning

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Anatomy Femur

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anterior deep view of right knee joint

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