uchi no doubutsu (Pets)

By Tate-SenseiTEACHER
12 terms by Tate-SenseiTEACHER

Year 12 Unit 10 Yamadasan no ie no nichiyoubi

By havenihongo
54 terms by havenihongo

Uchi Dallas Menu Photos (no sushi or sashimi)

By Megan_Riccardi
41 terms by Megan_Riccardi

Uchi Dallas Menu Photos (no sushi or sashimi)

By mindynguyen27
41 terms by mindynguyen27

Heya no ie - Rooms in a house

By S_covez
12 terms by S_covez

Blue belt

By Mishelle3
68 terms by Mishelle3

Uchi :: Test 2 :: Sushi & Sashimi

By vcxxvi
22 terms by vcxxvi

Tonari no Totoro words part 1

By Kerzisnik
20 terms by Kerzisnik


By lschmenk
10 terms by lschmenk

Interrogative Expression

By cardo23s
10 terms by cardo23s

Avon 1 places 1

By wakarimasuka
10 terms by wakarimasuka

Jodo kihon and kata

By kmannarbor
18 terms by kmannarbor


19 terms by GBHSBeateTEACHER


By akent17
39 terms by akent17


By chob
10 terms by chob

DZR Nage No Kata (CAIA)

By spdrmnky
20 terms by spdrmnky


By csensei
14 terms by csensei


By mayumiito
13 terms by mayumiito


By meltongrace
9 terms by meltongrace


By sarah-purcell23
23 terms by sarah-purcell23

Term 4 Week 1- Year 8 Vocabulary- Transport

By linddaaa23
22 terms by linddaaa23

Tonari no Totoro Vocabulary 1

By WashiraSenshiTEACHER
28 terms by WashiraSenshiTEACHER


By Sara-Donebus
9 terms by Sara-Donebus


By Liam_Mack
9 terms by Liam_Mack


By Jesse_Duke
9 terms by Jesse_Duke

Daily rooutines

By Paris_Hall23
9 terms by Paris_Hall23


By BaxterHollis14
22 terms by BaxterHollis14

Japanese - Transport

By sidneydent
22 terms by sidneydent

Term 4 Week 1

By charlotte_devlin
22 terms by charlotte_devlin


By liam13cocks
22 terms by liam13cocks


By amazingJacob_69
21 terms by amazingJacob_69

Unit 7

By JesseBeavis
22 terms by JesseBeavis


By brillk1
9 terms by brillk1


By holbrookg
9 terms by holbrookg

New verbs and Meals etc.

By bboyl2
20 terms by bboyl2

Jpn_places to go (romaji)

By nabou1TEACHER
8 terms by nabou1TEACHER


By RogersSensei
16 terms by RogersSensei

Japanese Particle and miscellaneous

By mchlhlls
41 terms by mchlhlls

Vocabulary 2 (Japanese 1)

By sydespinueva
48 terms by sydespinueva

nihon 19

By hetlock
182 terms by hetlock

Japanese Vocabulary 1

By beth_krepps
37 terms by beth_krepps

Locations (Romaji)

By Rika_Mihara
16 terms by Rika_Mihara

Places to go

By bboyl2
18 terms by bboyl2

unit 7 - Vocabulary

By Ollie_3131
22 terms by Ollie_3131

Kendo Vocab

By sn18cathcartj
53 terms by sn18cathcartj

CALA Japanese Part 2

By Shelleyt1
25 terms by Shelleyt1

Japanese Vocab!!

By carlie_puppyeol
26 terms by carlie_puppyeol

Karate - NKS

By rkay59
133 terms by rkay59