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Use this chart to identify the word or phrase in each passage from the Odyssey that is not in the predictable order.

PASSAGEWORDS NOT IN PREDICTABLE ORDERLithe and young she made him, ruddy with sun, his jawline clean, the beard no longer gray upon his chin. (lines 1018-1020) When he had spoken, down he sat. (line 1059) They seemed no longer those bright arms Odysseus left us years ago when he went off to Troy. (lines 1141-1143) Now flashed arrow from twanging bow clean as a whistle through every socket ring, and grazed not one, to thud with heavy brazen head beyond. (lines 1389-1392) \begin{array}{|l|l|} \hline \text{PASSAGE} & \text{WORDS NOT IN PREDICTABLE ORDER}\\ \hline \text{Lithe and young she made him,} & \text{ }\\ \text{ruddy with sun, his jawline clean, the beard} & \text{ }\\ \text{no longer gray upon his chin.} & \text{ }\\ \text{(lines 1018-1020)} & \text{ }\\ \hline \text{When he had spoken, down he sat.} & \text{ }\\ \text{(line 1059)} & \text{ }\\ \hline \text{They seemed no longer those} & \text{ }\\ \text{bright arms Odysseus left us years ago} & \text{ }\\ \text{when he went off to Troy.} & \text{ }\\ \text{(lines 1141-1143)} & \text{ }\\ \hline \text{Now flashed} & \text{ }\\ \text{arrow from twanging bow clean as a whistle} & \text{ }\\ \text{through every socket ring, and grazed not one,} & \text{ }\\ \text{to thud with heavy brazen head beyond.} & \text{ }\\ \text{(lines 1389-1392)} & \text{ }\\ \hline \end{array}

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