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  1. ADA space demands
  2. What makes MacConkey Agar differential?
  3. ROS
  4. NDT
  5. Final answer from a CFU equation is
  1. a Physical environmental requirements of the activity
  2. b neurodevelopmental treatment
  3. c Lactose
  4. d review of symptoms
  5. e 1. only an estimate 2. Only anerobic or facultative bacteria will grow under these conditions 3. Any anerobes in the sample will not be counted 4. Bacteria that needs special factors will not grow on general purpose media and will not be counted 5. Several bacterial cells are aggregated (clumped together) and will only form one CFU

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  1. Sabouraud Agar
  2. LPD = SPM
  3. a reduction in the number of RBC, WBC and platelets
  4. Clarity of an image -> the smaller the better.
  5. 5 drops

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  1. The tubelike digestive system canal that extends from the mouth to the anus is known as theAlimentary canal or gastrointestinal tract


  2. Ohour


  3. ClientThe entity that receives occupational therapy services. May include: individuals, organizations, populations


  4. DOAdate of admission; dead on arrival


  5. PRNout of bed