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  1. DRUJ
  2. When do endospores turn back into vegetative bodies?
  3. Reproduction is not possible in males or females until one year after puberty has begun.
  4. Smooth muscle appearance
  5. The tubelike digestive system canal that extends from the mouth to the anus is known as the
  1. a False
  2. b When environment is more appealing the endospores germinate and are back to being vegetative bodies.
  3. c distal radioulnar joint
  4. d fusiform in shape; no striations, but does contain actin and myosin fibers;dense bodies that attach thin filaments to the cytoskeleton
  5. e Alimentary canal or gastrointestinal tract

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  1. disaccharides

  2. The above test is used to determine whether an organism has the ability to clot. What is this test called?
  3. promotes water retention, in high concentrations is also a vasoconstrictor. both of these effects raise the blood pressure
  4. postoperative
  5. Neutral pH

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  1. PWBpartial weight bearing


  2. The amount of testosterone and sperm produced by the testes is dependent on the influence of FSH alone.False


  3. Produces HCl and pepsinogenGastric glands


  4. sig:skilled nursing facility


  5. What are disadvantages to a wet mount?Patterns of behavior related to daily life activities that are habitual or routine. Include habits, routines, rituals, and roles