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  1. TKE
  2. Performance patterns
  3. no Acetoin
  4. How is fungi categorized and identified?
  5. Absorbs water and forms feces
  1. a Structually vs. metabolically like bacteria.
  2. b Large intestine
  3. c VP Test- no color change
  4. d Patterns of behavior related to daily life activities that are habitual or routine. Include habits, routines, rituals, and roles
  5. e total knee replacement

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  1. What does the CAMP determine?
  2. ankle-foot orthosis
  3. Tongue
  4. allows for focusing- fine tunes focus
  5. sheet of proteins that anchor thin filaments and connect myofibrils

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  1. TIAAlcoholics Anonymous


  2. Plasmodium falciparumEMB- Dark purple with or without green metallic sheen. Organism ferments lactose and or sucrose with much acid production


  3. dystrophinClassified by function.


  4. The red tube furthest to the right (-/-)The presence of coenzyme catalase.


  5. Darkfield Microscope
    Specimens appear bright against a dark background, no staining required-Live specimens may be observed