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  1. 30 - 300 CFU - Number of CFU/Amount Plated X Dilution = CFU/g or ml
  2. Communication and social skills
  3. Transactional
  4. Pink/Red on Phenol Red
  5. Rest
  1. a Neutral
  2. b Quiet and effortless functions that interact physical and mental activity, resulting in a relaxed state
  3. c 250 CFU - 250/0.1 X 10-5
  4. d Actions or behaviors a person uses to communicate and interact with others in an interactive environment
  5. e A process that involves two or more individuals or elements that reciprocally and continually influence and affect one another through the ongoing relationship

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  1. home exercise program
  2. What color is a negative phenol red broth test (basic)
  3. postoperative
  4. Gain of e-
  5. Peridontal ligament

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  1. Positive
    Would this be a positive or negative oxidase test?


  2. Coagulase test
    The above test is used to determine whether an organism has the ability to clot. What is this test called?


  3. Decarboxylasedecarboxylase- no color change


  4. The pink tube (+)
    The above tubes have been incubated for 24 hours, after incubating all four tubes remained yellow with no bubble formation. Thus, 8 drops of reagent A and B were added to tubes 1 and 2. Which tube indicates a positive result, 1 or 2?


  5. Tricuspid valveThe right atrioventricular valve, or .........., prevents backflow into the right atrium when the right ventricle is contracting.