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  1. wt
  2. Yellow on Phenol Red
  3. r/o
  4. How do you read results for the OF Test?
  5. since fats are digested to fatty acids (organic acids) during hydrolysis, they do what to the pH of the sample they're in?
  1. a weight
  2. b Acidic
  3. c rule out
  4. d lower the pH
  5. e In order to be considered oxidized one tube must be yellow on top and red on the bottom while the other tube must be all red. Yellow indicates acid production.

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  1. What indicator is used in the above sugar fermentation test?
  2. Uses 2 diff. colored basic stains. Allows for discrimination of diff. types of cells
    Gram Stain and Acid Fast Stain
  3. Bacterial Growth Phase - As a nutrient becomes less available and the accumulation of waste products becomes more toxic the death rate exceeds the rate of depletion
  4. no show; not seen
  5. steroid hormone produced by the kidneys in response to the presence of PTH; stimulates calcium and phosphate ion absorption in the digestive tract; the active form of Vitamin D

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  1. Eosin Methylene Bluethe protein digesting enzyme in the stomach


  2. E. coliWhat comon gram negative bacteria does the starch hydrolysis test for


  3. transient microbesmaintains lining of uterus


  4. Instrumental activities of daily livingsecretion of gelatinase by microbes to hydrolyze gelatin


  5. there extherapeutic exercise