Quizlet team taking a break to go climbing!

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Inside Quizlet's incredible feedback center
Today we'd like to share Quizlet's secret weapon: our custom-built feedback center. When I started Quizlet, one of the first things I built was a small admin tool to receive and respond to feedback messages from users. I spent a lot of time talking directly to our early users, by email and sometimes…


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Class visit: Sophia, Dave, and Andrew play along with a French exercise at Prospect Sierra in El Cerrito.

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We just wrapped up Bug week at Quizlet. We fixed 87 bugs! Can you spot any of the fixes?

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Note on Search and iOS app
Hey Everyone, Welcome back to school! It's exciting to see so many people coming back to Quizlet. 900,000 people a day are using Quizlet right now. Crazy, huh? This summer we had an ambitious plan to make Quizlet better in many ways: We launched a brand-new Android app We updated the iPhone app to…


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We moved our servers from Northern California to Las Vegas last night in preparation for back to school. Everything went smoothly!

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All team dinner! Thompson being goofy

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Minor tweak: when you change your profile pic on Facebook, changes are now propagated to Quizlet within 15 seconds. So your images are always up-to-date.

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A team from Pixar is at the quizlet office for a ping pong tournament. We're up 2-0

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We just updated our new cards preview! Give it a try! We think it's even easier to use than the previous preview

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We beat 21 other teams to win the education hackathon at Facebook today. Super proud of our team.

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Designing the new cards

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Happy Monday morning everyone! We're working on some design improvements to the new Flashcards based on your feedback.

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Who wants a t-shirt?

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Would you say that the Quizlet website is: very slow, sort of slow, kind of fast, pretty fast, or very fast? Honest answers+details are helpful.

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We are at the startup career fair at MIT

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Wired magazine is in our office, currently interviewing Anand!

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Just fixed a bug with uploading animated gifs to sets.

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We're working on upgrading the dashboard section today. Suggestions?

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Just made the tool for selecting profile images simpler. Also, Facebook users can now customize their icon.

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