Just launched comments on smaller posts (not just blogs). Hello Quizlet!

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The quizlet team is settling in for our first company retreat.

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Fixed a bug from yesterday that prevented some people from signing up and made Quizlet less flexible for usernames with different CaSe SenSitiVity.

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Final in-office Starcraft game of 2012

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The first ever baby in a Quizlet onesie

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We also now look nicer on Retina/High DPI displays like newer iPhones and Androids.

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Just improved the site loading time with some big changes in how Quizlet downloads to your computer. Sorry for the turbulence.

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Highest traffic day ever yesterday with 920,000 different people on the site.

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Closing down the office after an awesome week.

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Excited about our brand new "Inside Quizlet" section!

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An Epic: How Quizlet won NodeJam
"It was all thanks to a funny hat" On Thursday we won the NodeJam competition, a startup competition between 35 different startups to showcase applications of the Node.js framework. We won $100,000 in prizes and plenty of glory! The story of how we did it is an epic tale of working really hard and…


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Quizlet hit 500,000 visitors today; good luck with finals!
Every second week in December, Quizlet hits its record high. We've been amazed to watch our traffic over the last couple of weeks. Our traffic usually hits its weekly peak on Thursdays, as people study for their Friday tests. But recently, almost every single day has been a record -- even our Sunda…


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Leaving MIT to make Quizlet even better
Today I'm announcing that I'm leaving MIT to go full time on Quizlet. I started Quizlet in 2005 to help myself with my high school french class. Since then, Quizlet has become one of the largest education sites in the world. We recently passed 5 million sets and 150 million terms and definitions. O…

Quizlet HQ

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Quizlet is much quicker now!
We've just finished a speed tune-up to Quizlet. Everything should work exactly the same. Except it's now much faster. We accomplished this with a bit of engineering trickery that forces browsers to download data as fast as they can, instead of waiting for some parts to download before loading other…


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Our Friday downtime explained
Today Quizlet went down for 6 hours. We're very sorry about this, and we thought it would be appropriate to explain what went wrong and what we're doing to prevent this from happening in the future. This was the first major downtime we've had in many months. However, six hours is a very long time a…


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Quizlet users collectively spend 2.9 years studying EVERY DAY!
Hey Quizletters! Isn't it great to be back in school? Well, it is for us! We've been racking up some incredible records in the last few days as students come back to school and start using Quizlet again. Here are some highlights: As the headline says, if you add up the length of each quizlet visito…


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The set page gets a refresh!
(screenshot from a list of famous people) This afternoon we launched a new design of the Quizlet set page, with the goal of making it more intuitive and more visually appealing. While the old design looked pretty nice, there was a lot of wasted space and some key features were not very obvious. Thi…


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Introducing Quizlet Plus (with Image Uploading and Unlimited Groups)
We're excited to announce today's launch of Quizlet Plus, which includes the ability to upload and add your own images to your flash cards to study! It also enables you to create and join unlimited groups, which is useful for school and teachers. And you get to use Quizlet without seeing ads. Think…


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We've hired a full time developer, and image uploading is coming very soon
Hey all. Andrew here. It's been a busy December and January for Quizlet. I have a few important announcements. [ First and most importantly is that we've just hired our first full-time developer and product manager, Phil Freo (seen above with me at the Crunchies awards). Phil recently graduated coll…

Quizlet HQ

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Quizlet celebrates its fourth birthday with a CEO and 20 million impressions per month.
Four years ago I created Quizlet in my living room as a way to study French more efficiently. Today, it's easily world's largest flashcard studying site (despite what others say :) ), with over 1 million unique visitors per month and the world's largest database of flashcards, with over 42 million…

Quizlet HQ

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