Introducing the new Learn on Web
Earlier this year, we launched the new Quizlet Learn on iOS and Android. Today, we're excited to introduce the new Learn on our website! New Learn is the best way to get ready for a test, quiz or other assessment. It helps you focus on the content that you find most difficult, and automatically ad…


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Launching A Successful Redesign For 20 Million Students
When more than 20 million people use your service each month, how and when you roll out a redesign matters. When considering making a big update, we knew we had to make it better for our users not just aesthetically but also functionally — with no disruption to studying. Over the past year, we’ve b…


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Smooth Game Animations in React
We built a new game on Quizlet called Gravity to help students learn vocabulary while having fun. As words fall down your screen from outer space in the form of "asteroids," you race to type the answer before they hit the planet. Building all the animations we needed in React gave us an…


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Just updated class invites: Now it shows who sent you an invite in the sidebar of Study Feed. You can also see all the email addresses you've sent class invites to!

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