Want to try out a new learning feature on Quizlet for iOS devices? Sign up here.

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San Francisco Bay Area teachers, invite Quizlet to your classroom! Just email beta@quizlet.com and we'll be in touch.

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Take Quizlet Live to the next level!
Since we introduced Quizlet Live last spring, more than 100,000 teachers have played our collaborative learning game with over 4 million students. The Quizlet team has loved seeing all the excitement and learning happening in your videos, blog posts and tweets from all over the world. Students and t…


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Engineering Controlled Chaos - How to build a real-time game for classrooms
This spring, we released our first real-time game for classrooms, Quizlet Live. Our beta included over 1 million students and teachers and since launch a month ago, we've added another 3 million. Now, it's grown to 1 million weekly users. These numbers are evidence that we built an engaging, educati…


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How I Made Learning Fun in My Classroom using Quizlet Live
This is a guest blog post by Josh Kurzweil, a teacher who uses Quizlet Live with his class. I have been using Quizlet with my adult ESL classes for many years and have often been puzzled by how to motivate students to develop better study habits to learn more effectively. While some students immedia…


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Introducing our first collaborative learning game for the classroom: Quizlet Live
Teachers--are you looking for a fun, engaging game for your classroom where students can learn from each other? That’s why we built Quizlet Live. It’s designed to bring fresh energy into classroom. Teams of students work together, racing to learn the material in a Quizlet study set. Correct answers…


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Quizlet's new in-class game is now available in beta to all teachers
Quizlet has been testing out a new in-class game for the last few months with a small group of teachers and now it's ready for all teachers to try out the beta (for free)! How to try the beta All teachers will see a "live" button on their study sets. Just click the button to get started. You'll ge…


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Teachers, try out Quizlet's new game in your classroom!
Quizlet is currently beta-testing a new in-class game with a select group of teachers (available to every teacher on Quizlet free in the next few months). If you're a teacher using Quizlet in your classroom, we'd love for you to help us test it out! The beta is currently available by invitation (or…


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How to turn a hackathon project into a game that millions of students love (and learn from)
We recently released a new study game on Quizlet, Gravity. This post is about how we came up with the idea on a hack night, iterated with tens of thousands of students and teachers, and then released the game to millions on the Quizlet website. Students in Oakland, CA testing out Gravity Coming up…

Engineering & News

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Introducing Long-Term Learning & Gravity
Long-Term Learning on mobile. As Quizlet grows, we want to think deeply about how learning on Quizlet works and how we can make it better. We know it’s important to keep our tools and games easy and engaging. We also know more and more learners are doing it on mobile devices. But we also want to he…


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Welcome back to Quizlet, Teachers!
It's a new school year and we're launching a bunch of new features to make Quizlet even more powerful for teachers. Check them out and let us know what you think! Quick and Easy Class Setup Getting all of your students into a class on Quizlet has always been a major pain point. Our new Bulk Email I…


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Share your Quizlet study sets on Google Classroom
If you use Google Classroom, you can now share any Quizlet study set directly your Google Classroom course. How it works Step 1: Go to any study set on Quizlet and click on “Share” in the upper right. Step 2: Click on “Share on Google Classroom” Step 3: If you have not linked your account to Goo…


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Teachers! Beta Test a new integration between Google Classroom and Quizlet
Are you a teacher who uses Google Classroom and Quizlet? Or are you planning to this school year? If so, we want to hear from you. Quizlet will soon release an integration between Google Classroom and Quizlet classes and we need some teachers to help us test it out. Interested in helping us? Fill…


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NEW! A Smarter Learn Mode
Last week, we added new functionality to Learn Mode to make it smarter. Not only will Learn Mode tell you you're wrong, but now it'll often tell you why. Along the way, we gave the UI a fresh coat of paint and fixed a few nagging bugs! Here's what we changed: Confusion Alerts When you're trying to…


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How Quizlet makes learning vocabulary relevant in the ESL classroom - Learn more.

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We experienced downtime today that prevented users from editing or saving their sets. Everyone should now be able to continue working and save their sets now. We deeply apologize for the disruption and stress this caused.

Please let us know if anything is still not working or if you have any questions.

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The new version of Create Set is here. Let us know what you think and if you run into any problems!

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We experienced an issue with newly created sets not loading correctly and term counts not updating after edits today. This has been resolved now and everything should show up correctly. But please let us know if you're still having any problems.

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Bug Day at Quizlet
Every 6 weeks, the Quizlet team spends 24 hours concentrating solely on making the current Quizlet experience better across web, iOS and Android for millions of students and teachers. Here's the highlights of what we fixed this time. Better Embeds Clearer instructions for embedding You can only embe…


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New Study Mode Buttons
On Friday, we launched a redesign of the study mode buttons to make them more prominent and easier to find. The titles easier to read and they're sectioned out into "Study" and "Play" to make it clearer that Scatter and Space Race are games. Colors for the study modes Each study mode now has its ow…


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