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Over a million students, from every country on earth, use Quizlet daily.

Quizlet is great for anything from Earth Science, To language arts! A-Z quizlet is always there because you can study offline! I Heart Quizlet!
I love Quizlet! It helps me with everything. People keep asking me "have you made your quizlet". Thanks Quizlet team so much!!!
When I study by my self: C+
When I use Quizlet: A+
Thank you Quizlet!
Overwatch123 18 sets
Quizlet is awesome
Thank you so much Quizlet. I genuinely can't believe this website is free to use. Has absolutely everything. I love the feature of auto-definition. I can study and do as many practice tests as I want. Thank you.
I use it for Spanish daily and it is a big help. Thanks Quizlet.
trainmaster2470 26 sets
I love quizlet! I can study Spanish, stems, social studies, science, and much much more! Before I started quizlet it was harder for me to learn things, but now I started its so much easier for me to learn things, and much more fun!
I love quizlet because it makes vocabulary fun with the mini games. Also you get to make your own tests. I think that is really neat.
minidiva533 1 set
I use Quizlet for all of the studying I need to do! All of my friends use it and I started a class with my friends. Quizlet makes studying much more fun and makes you a better student. I love Quizlet so much. #ilovequizlet
eamevo 2 sets
I Love Quizlet for all of the studying I do, and the way I study. Before I knew this website, I made paper flashcards, which I can't study from. Thanks Quizlet #Quizletislove
here-it-comes 141 sets
All my fellow students study all my class Quizlet sets!

noby 75 sets
Great application! Without this, I don't know how I would learn vocabulary, Spanish, and Latin!
wwilson19 132 sets
Quizlet has so much that can help classes and anyone study!!
I am a beginner, the page is simple and amazing - thank you very much
kazilji 13 sets
Quizlet helps me study in school and at home. Thanks to the Quizlet team for education for this website.#I❤️Quizlet
gstudent2014 0 sets
I love how much better I have done on my test since I started Quizlet.
12,000+ items of vocabulary now produced for Spanish using Quizlet - our students just love the challenge and the progress they have made. Thanks to the whole Quizlet team for their efforts in making one of the best educational apps anywhere!
The one main thing i love about QUIZLET is that it really helps me remember a lot that I need help on. THANK YOU !!!!
yannisse2001 3 sets
I only started using it now and I already love it......
lelanbeukes 2 sets
Quizlet is the best study website ever! It helps improve my grades :)
vivicool 12 sets
I love that it help me remember vocabulary and it helps me with tests.
It helps me get better on tests!
Billy500 52 sets
Love having quizlet to study in a more fun way with my friends.
bobby_alpal 4 sets
I love Quizlet! Thank you!
Mary_Reynolds12 38 sets
phoenixu06 16 sets
Before Quizlet, I was unfocused, unorganized, and never ready for my tests!!! But now, I almost always get and A or maybe even an A plus!!!!
JuneBaby1910 1 set
I love that I can study without being worried I might be missing one!
Quizlet helps me all the time with studying for anything and everything. In English class everyone relies on me to make a Quizlet set, and in Spanish class the teacher uses my Quizlet for a before class "warm-up." I give a plethora of thanks!
Carter_Morris6 35 sets
I like Quizlet because help me learn new things and the the stuff you learn at your school and it's fun.
nick630127 0 sets
Best way to study vocab and some science
bobby_alpal 4 sets
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