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Quizlet simplifies school education all across the board, from Biology to Geography. This website is not just ideal it's essential.As a freshman in many stressful honors classes, Quizlet is the best tool for me! I have done significantly better on my tests and quizzes because of it. Thanks so much!

Quizlet is a very useful tool. I've used this quite a bit in science class specifically. Thank you!
I never thought for the life of me that Quizlet had so much to offer. My class really enjoy the Quizlet lives! Keep it up!
Quizlet is a team effort website. I like working in groups and Quizlet live gives me a chance to do so.
jb9532 0 sets
Thanks for being a helpful study tool and not changing tons of $$ to use
jjasperhh 0 sets
I LOVE QUIZLET!! For anyone from the UK, I used Quizlet in my GCSEs and it was incredible. It really helped me to ensure that I had an interactive way to study that prevented me from getting bored. I also found it really fun to study in class, using Quizlet Live. Thanks Quizlet :)
I love using Quizlet. The amount of information I have used to study is amazing. It makes the classroom so much more fun, and I feel like I get better grades using Quizlet. Without it, I don't think I would have the grades that I do now. Amazing resource for studying.
I use Quizlet for studying Arabic. It makes it easier to memorize words and study them, specially since Arabic requires a lot of concepts to be broken down in order to understand it. Thank you!
svarona35 92 sets
Quizlet has been really helpful for me, i just found out abut it a couple months ago. And i am already seeing improvments espically in my physics high school class. Its wonderful!
pori5 PLUS 20 sets
Quizlet is the most awesome thing I have discovered on my school. I can make sets really easily and it really works. I also definitely recommend Quizlet plus were you can make sets even faster.
I've used Quizlet so my friends and I could study for our Spanish quizzes. So far, we've all gotten As!
AlexEats 24 sets
Quizlet has literally saved my grades.
Yvonne592 7 sets
"It's like Tinder, but knowledge"
- College Student, 2019
Jsfarlow8 0 sets
Quizlet is absolutely AMAZING!!!
J4D3N_ 0 sets
I love that you can test yourself from languages to tests at anytime, anywhere.
HenryRockhound 14 sets
This helps me study for my tests its the best
Thanks to Quizlet and all the years I have been using it, it has never failed me. No matter what the test might be on, Quizlet has always been for me unlike anything else. It has given me the opportunity to learn and make quizlets to help others. It has gotten me through the hardships of middle and high school
aghulsey 31 sets
I love Quizlet because it is so easy to use. This program has helped me get amazing grades this year. If you use BJU press, use this website to study!
Maria_Garces3 78 sets
Quizlet is amazing! I cannot stress how much I love it enough! I use the website and app constantly for every test, quiz, and exam possible. If you don't already use Quizlet, I highly suggest you start. I would not have made it through Spanish one, two, or three without it!
Hannah_L_Lewis 36 sets
Quizlet is literally the best study tool ever. I have been using quizlet since I was in 6th grade now I am in 11th grade. I truly believe quizlet is the reason why I have over a 90 average overall every quarter since 9th grade. I happen to struggle a little in school but this website makes my life a million times easier. I am proud to say I just made my 350th quizlet set a few mins ago. I plan to use quizlet until I graduate college.
jadencc 412 sets
Quizlet is very informational and helped me through learning Spanish 2 (hola). As a student, this really helped me. I am very grateful for quizlet.
J4D3N_ 0 sets
i love studying on quizlet
nishat78 14 sets
Quizlet simplifies school education all across the board, from Biology to Geography. This website is not just ideal it's essential.
Avi12344 16 sets
It is so much fun to make Quizlets, and when i'm teaching a subject i can use Quizlets to see if students understand!
Thanks Quizlet!!!
Chirs517 4 sets
Quizlet is better than normal flashcards, because you can't lose your quizlet somewhere is your house! Plus, I have timed tests for Latin and Gravity and Match really helped me think on my feet. Quizlet is pure fire!
I can create tests for me and my friends to practice on and we get great results on our tests
Axiswakeboys 0 sets
Hi, I'm a 53 year old who is getting back into school for a master's degree. Quizlet has certainly made learning easier, fun (yes! fun!! I HAVE to win by getting 100% on all tests!) and builds confidence! Thank you Quizlet! I have a 97% in my psych class!
kaywave PLUS 28 sets
Quizlet is the best internet learning website out there. When I tell my friends, they always suggest other websites to use. I usually end the conversation there, because, with Quizlet and Quizlet Plus I have all that I need! Long-term learning, night-theme, bold font, italics, etc., along with lots of other benefits, makes it the best of the best hands down. Would I recommend Plus? Absolutely! its about $20 a year, and it is completely worth missing out your latte for a month! Thank you Quizlet for helping through Biology, Science, Latin, and other subjects to come!
samduman17 PLUS 161 sets
I love quizlet because You can test your self on stuff like Spanish instead of your mom or dad trying to quiz you. Cause most parents don't know Spanish.
Avi12344 16 sets
I'd rate this website a 100% just like my grades from using this
J4D3N_ 0 sets