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Learning science is about new language. Quizlet is a phenomenal education application that accelerates language acquisition. Quizlet is integrated into all my science lessons. Test scores have improved for my ESL students. The marriage of Quizlet and science terminology is MAGIC in an interactive classroom.
Blastose 41 sets
I love Quizlet! It started when my Biology teacher gave me a link to a set of flashcards she made on here. Soon thereafter, I was so entranced that I made an account and a couple of my own sets to help me learn things better. It is now way easier for me to learn vocab words and I do better on tests and in general. THANK YOU QUIZLET!!!
renner34022110 29 sets
Quizlet is awesome! It helps organize my study sheets into different sections so I can be more productive with my study time! THANKS!
Blastose 41 sets
I have been using Quizlet since my German teacher made us use it (1 year) and I love it! It is perfect for studying languages, and now that I use it on a regular basis, my D in my German class has become an A-. Thank you so much Quizlet for making this AWESOME study helper.
Xaos 2 sets
I am a student at a public middle school that frequently uses Quizlet in Social Studies and French. I had never heard of Quizlet before, but now, I'm hooked. Quizlet has allowed me to study for quizzes and tests and still have a lot of fun. (I especially enjoy Scatter and Space Race, as I am the king of both.) Quizlet has also been a great tool for helping others who work and learn with me collaborate as a team so that we can all achieve a higher goal. Quizlet has definitely upped my game in school, and I can't wait to see what Quizlet comes to in the future. Give yourself a pat on the back for one of the coolest and easiest, and most fun ways to study. Quizlet is the bomb.
MrFerf 1 set
Learning science is about new language. Quizlet is a phenomenal education application that accelerates language acquisition. Quizlet is integrated into all my science lessons. Test scores have improved for my ESL students. The marriage of Quizlet and science terminology is MAGIC in an interactive classroom.
Davidmask 134 sets
Quizlet has completely changed my life and the way that I study. Without it, I would use up countless more hours wasting time making flashcards and trying to memorize information in arduous ways. Thank you so much Quizlet!!!
nringach1 Plus 133 sets
It's so nice to have a Website to study with, and not a million flashcards. Quizlet makes studying fun, and that is the best kind of study approach.
Colby_B_13 24 sets
I can memorize my vocab words and definitions in TEN MINUTES!!!
Thank you so much Quizlet!
I am a new teacher-user and I am really impressed with this program. So much so that I have incorporated it into my German (9th, 10th, 11th and 12th) classroom for this semester.

My students love using the scatter and race games and we are accelerating their acquisition of German vocabulary. Vielen Dank Quizlet!!!
During my Latin class, whenever we need to study, everyone turns to me and asks- "Jess, have you made a Quizlet?" Quizlet has made me the top student in my Latin class. It also helps me with vocabulary terms for English and Science. Thank you so much Quizlet!
JAM4242 11 sets
Before Quizlet I was a D average student and never enjoyed school and studying. Now I am a B+ average student and make honor roll and enjoy using Quizlet as a study tool. I have had so many of my friends create accounts and join me. Everyone loves it and we are all doing better because of it! Thanks Quizlet you are amazing!!! You have earned the greatest reviews from me at last years TRETC!!! Keep doing a wonderful A+ job!!!
Sarah35129 82 sets
Quizlet is a great help for almost anything. I lost my Latin textbook the day before the quiz, but luckily I found all of the vocabulary organized into a set. I aced that quiz, and since then I have used Quizlet to study for chemistry, Latin, English, and Physics!
Moon2moon2moon 13 sets
Honestly, before Quizlet, I was one of those "average students". A fellow student and I since then have created a class for our entire grade, and not only does 80% of our grade use it, everyone is also doing much better in our school's languages, science classes, as well as literature and geography classes. Something I love most about Quizlet is the ability to add macrons and diaeresis over words for foreign languages. Thanks, Quizlet!
My student's vocab quiz scores have increased dramatically since I introduced them to quizlet. They are learning the vocabulary faster and better!
I've been using Quizlet since high-school and it is the bomb-diggity. But in all seriousness, you can use these flashcards for virtually any subject. I have personally used this to master Chinese and I've found the pronunciation of the characters to be very effective in addition to the multiple dense college-level science courses I've taken. Over the years I've been curious to see if any other flashcards websites had come even remotely close to the effectiveness of Quizlet and I can honestly say that Quizlet wins every time. I will use Quizlet until I no longer desire to learn which would be never. Quizlet makes it just that easy and dare I say...fun.
jussme Plus 268 sets
I absolutely love Quizlet! I just studied brand new stem words that I didn't know very well, and when playing space race I learned all of them in just under 20 mins!!! I also got a score of 167,050! Quizlet makes everything easier and more fun to learn!
Quizlet helped me bring my language arts grade from a C- to a B+. Couldn't have done it with out you!
I've studied on Quizlet for 4 months and I don't think I could stop now... It's so much easier to learn and if you are very busy you can just run the app on the bus or train and learn then. Simply awesome!!!
PanAjnsztajn 31 sets
Students love playing the games on our interactive digital whiteboard. Quizlet is a boon for all learning styles!!! My visual students love the pictures on the flashcards. My auditory students love that the cards "speak" to them. My kinesthetic students love to touch the cards, flip them, play the games and more. I print out sets and have students work in groups to play "Memory/Concentration" or to race to be the first group to make all of the matches. Parents like the free tutoring this provides. I can put an entire unit's list of words up, I can provide mini-sets to do "chunk and chew," and so much more. It also provides a legitimate homework option. Thank you, Quizlet!
C'est une très bonne chose d'avoir Quizlet. Cela nous permet d'avancer avancer avec le temps de la technologie, je trouve sa plus facile pour étudier. On est plus dans notre élément avec Quizlet.
Bref c'est un très bon site pour des jeunes comme nous :)
Quizlet is an amazing study website for everything from vocabulary for new languages and Language Arts to general knowledge for JROTC and Chemistry. Thanks, Quizlet team, for everything you've done and will continue to do! :)
alyyvo 7 sets
This year I am without a Biology teacher, it's hard but Quizlet is making it possible!!! Last quarter, I passed Bio with a 92% B, which is only 1% away from an A.... Thank you Quizlet. I recommended this website to all my friends and now we ALL swear by Quizlet!
Angella_SFDS 41 sets
I have been doing so well in school now because of Quizlet. It is helpful and fun all in one! Memorizing latin words is so boring, but the games that Quizlet has makes them fun and actually enjoyable! Thank you so much Quizlet team! I will continue using this site because it is so amazing!
thereadyset10 11 sets
Absolutely LOVE Quizlet! It's the perfect study tool for me. I have been getting 100s on all my vocab tests since I started using Quizlet! :)
cm0804 0 sets
I love Quizlet for studying my latin! It really works and has improved my grades. I love doing the games because they make schoolwork more fun. Thanks Quizlet!
thereadyset10 11 sets
I use Quizlet for all of the studying I need to do! All of my friends use it and I started a class with my friends. Quizlet makes studying much more fun and makes you a better student. I love Quizlet so much. #ilovequizlet
alysiagomez 31 sets
This is an amazing site. I have ADHD and trouble focusing, but I have found that I can stay focused when using Quizlet. My vocabulary has really increased. Thanks Quizlet.
Quizlet is AMAZING! It is MAGIC and REALLY HELPS. I love how it's SIMPLE TO USE. Thanks again!
I'm a bio/chem major in college and most of my upper level classes require a heavy amount of memorization (formulas, facts, molecules ect.) that's where I use my Quizlet. I can study on the bus, walking to class, at restaurants, where ever! This allows me use my time wisely!
AshileeT 17 sets
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