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Our Spanish class is so much fun with Quizlet! It's definitely an awesome addition to your class, and a way to keep students engaged!
AndrewBlueMoon 29 sets
This is the best thing that ever happened to me. Quizlet helped me study for upcoming tests (and quizzes of course) and I succeeded! This site is pure AWESOMENESS
kasie_lynn 1 set
Quizlet makes me happy :)
Quizlet =100% awesome
CalderAF 4 sets
I just love Quizlet. I can actually study and have fun at the same time. Ideal for when there is no one to test me.
There is no way I could think of learning Latin without this site! Thank you so much!
leo7mc 6 sets
It is just perfect! Best website on the web! Thank you!
pl213342 Plus 49 sets
Quizlet is easy to use and access, and it's only a click away! When I began using Quizlet, I thought it was impossible, but now studying, learning, and just being able to remember my terms more efficiently is a life saver! I have created multiple sets and there will definitely be more to come! Thanks Quizlet! You have changed the way people learn in a great way!
ashley_grace02 34 sets
Amazing! The only way that i can learn languages properly. I can learn all my words in a day!
Best way to learn is Quizlet. Thanks for the help!
sweetiedoggie 10 sets
I couldn't study effectively without it! So much love for Quizlet, it's fantastic.
Quizlet has helped me study effectively when I don't have someone to quiz me. It remembers which questions you need to work on and has fun games to play. Thanks so much for this awesome free tool!
jchacko 85 sets
Quizlet is the best thing since sliced bread!
apark32 11 sets
QUIZLET= LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
ally_gator12 0 sets
It is so easy to use and I couldn't pass my classes without it
volleygirlkm 7 sets
I really hate studying, but this place has encouraged me to study for at least 50 minutes a day. Go Quizlet! :D
I love the fact that you can compare highscore. A little friendly competition makes it more fun than traditional studying. It's good for practicing the insane terminology that you have to learn in the mysterious world of middle school.
CoinTosser 4 sets
I love using Quizlet because it helps me study for everything, whether it's tests or quizzes! I can study by myself or with other people using Quizlet. It's super easy to use and has SO many amazing features. It is quick, efficient, and helpful. I've created sets for all my classes with Quizlet, and there will be many more sets to come! Thanks Quizlet for helping so many people learn. You are the best!
Maya_Chandra 37 sets
This tool always helps me study, from back in middle school to today in high school. I highly recommend this!
CHeit1 53 sets
I was at the bottom of my class. :( But now since I'm using Quizlet I'm one of the top students! :D Thank You Quizlet! ;)
kasie_lynn 1 set
Boosted my grades a ton. Definitely the best online study tool out there. #GoQuizlet
jakeisaweshum 35 sets
Quizlet is by far the best study tool I've ever use in my life. It's not like the traditional note cards. I especially love that I can have it on my phone.
WhatUpItTrucLE 32 sets
I love Quizlet so much that I just study and study and study...
Dylan_Cook47 0 sets
#QuizOn! Awesome tech.
TheGoldenPanda 189 sets
Just 10 minutes of studying gave me an A+ on the test! Quizlet Is Awesome!!! :D :D
Just added another set for Computer Literacy! This is by far the best learning tool for students worldwide! I'm a very happy user :)
ashley_grace02 34 sets
Quizlet helps me memorize vocabulary words a lot faster.
Also, it's fun, easy, and simple.
Quizlet is the BEST!
Daniel_Shim 6 sets
It helps me study in a fun way!
Andrew_Sohn8 7 sets
Quizlet helps me so much when it comes to studying my Spanish Vocabulary. I have only been studying for today and I now know all of my 90 vocabulary words needed for my test on Friday. This site is so easy to use and never has issues so I can always use it.
sjhandley 6 sets
Simple, Easy, Fun!
Jacob_Kaye2 33 sets