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It helps me get better on tests!
Billy500 82 sets
I love that I can study without being worried I might be missing one!
Quizlet helps me be more confident on tests. :) I could not have gotten to where I am now in school without it!!
treetalon 20 sets
I love that it help me remember vocabulary and it helps me with tests.
Because of Quizlet, I no longer stink at spelling. I even got a 100 on the last test! My friends and I started a class and now everyone in my grade uses it for test, quizzes, and exams. We love Quizlet!!!
Gymrat7 67 sets
Thanks to Quizlet smart phones are making my students smarter!
I love quizlet! I can study Spanish, stems, social studies, science, and much much more! Before I started quizlet it was harder for me to learn things, but now I started its so much easier for me to learn things, and much more fun!
Quizlet is the best way to study and my whole grade/class loves it and uses it daily!!!
dgyoung19 Plus 73 sets
Thank you so much Quizlet. I genuinely can't believe this website is free to use. Has absolutely everything. I love the feature of auto-definition. I can study and do as many practice tests as I want. Thank you.
Best way to study vocab and some science
bobby_alpal 5 sets
I am a beginner, the page is simple and amazing - thank you very much
kazilji 13 sets
Quizlet is pioneering a massive change in education in general and in language learning in particular. It converts the passive learning of old into active and interactive learning of the 21st Century. The rate at which my students are learning Spanish has improved greatly, combining the spanishsosimple curriculum with the Quizlet Audio-Visual tools. A massive congratulations to the Quizlet team, making the difference to educators and students alike. Thank You!
I'm taking both GCSE French and German, so obviously I have a whole lot of vocab tests...and Quizlet makes it so totally easy to get full marks!
L2200 42 sets
I love how much better I have done on my test since I started Quizlet.
Quizlet has made the world of difference in the learning of my students!
nrm1959 Plus 47 sets
I have enrolled all my classes into Quizlet and we use it everyday in teaching Chinese. It's effective and fun. All my students love it! I can't survive without Quizlet now! Thank you, the Quizlet team!
I only started using it now and I already love it......
lelanbeukes 2 sets
phoenixu06 16 sets
Quizlet is awesome
I love quizlet because it makes vocabulary fun with the mini games. Also you get to make your own tests. I think that is really neat.
minidiva533 1 set
Quizlet is the best study website ever! It helps improve my grades :)
vivicool 12 sets
Love having quizlet to study in a more fun way with my friends.
bobby_alpal 5 sets
Before Quizlet, I was unfocused, unorganized, and never ready for my tests!!! But now, I almost always get and A or maybe even an A plus!!!!
JuneBaby1910 1 set
Wow! This has really helped me take my learning into my own hands and test myself on relevant knowledge. There's something for everyone here!

I would recommend it 15/10 to ANYONE!
Have fun,
Pixie xxx
RatMixx2000 2 sets
The one main thing i love about QUIZLET is that it really helps me remember a lot that I need help on. THANK YOU !!!!
yannisse2001 3 sets
I have literally learned another language on quizlet. Best educational software around. Danke Quizlet!
leda18 99 sets
Great application! Without this, I don't know how I would learn vocabulary, Spanish, and Latin!
wwilson19 136 sets
I love using Quizlet so much! I have been using it for my English vocabulary recently, and my grades are getting higher by the day! Thank you SO much, Quizlet!
Legocraft105 11 sets
I love Quizlet! It helps me with everything. People keep asking me "have you made your quizlet". Thanks Quizlet team so much!!!
I love Quizlet, it's a great study tool to prepare tests for my son. He aces his tests every time...

Thanks Quizlet!!

dksgip40 12 sets
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