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Genius! 10 stars! ★★★★★ ★★★★★
azharoslan 7 sets
Quizlet really helped me discover my true potential in some of the rougher times in my studying carrier. Thanks for all the help.
Ale_Pepe_ 3 sets
Quizlet has truly been my lord and savior when it comes down to AP vocabulary. This website is super helpful for AP students, and the platform is great for studying purposes (particularly on the app).
tabbithabono 10 sets
Quizlet is an absolute life saver. Not only do you guys help me study for tests and other important exams, I feel more confident knowing that I worked to get the grade I did! It's so much fun to make a set and trade and share them with my classmates; it makes it so much easier to study for all of us! Thanks so much, Quizlet!
I'm home schooled, and Quizlet has been a tool that I've used in almost every class that I have. It's easy to use, and a fun way to study. I have received greater scores on my tests since I started using it. Thanks so much, Quizlet!
Bella_Little9 9 sets
Quizlet is actually somewhere I can study and at my own past with little to no stress.
Good for people who get anxiety easiy
Jacob_Felton7 2 sets
Quizlet helps me get 100% on my vocabulary every time! QUIZLET ROCKS!
Lucien2005 4 sets
Quizlet für Fortgeschrittene
Quizlets' tools are very important to me, to keep me moving along quickly and soundly while I'm studying another language!!!
KentdSmith 34 sets
I've been using quizlet for a few years and absolutely love it. It has helped me maintain my place on the high-honor-role and get straight-A's on my report cards. I love the "Learn" feature that lets you study for a last-minute test. I make so many Quizlets I have become known as "The Quizlet Guy" at my school! Thanks Quizlet!!!!!
robert0815 PLUS 103 sets
I love Quizlet! The new learn feature has helped me tremendously. Latin grammar is so much easier now. Thank you Quizlet!
BubblyPorcupine 13 sets
Quizlet is great for learning new terms and even new languages!
CCA_amaya03 4 sets
This is the best website ever. Without it, I wouldn't get 100%'s on my quizzes.
VT1000 20 sets
Quizlet is my favorite study tool! It helps get the information inside my head, and it has features for every type of test to study for. I love the "confusion alert", "auto-define", and the face that you can add images! I love being able to customize the tests! It is also an amazing tool to learn languages. I highly recommend quizlet!
Juliana232 27 sets
It lets you study effortlessly. Es bien.
Ethan_Clark54 12 sets
I love Quizlet so much, I've been using it for years and it's the best study tool that I've come across. Their "Learn" feature is great for trying to fully comprehend material, and I love, love, LOVE how they have the "confusion alert"! What more could I ask for?
Vitasf 141 sets
Quizlet has helped me so much and has helped me keep my grades up. It is the number ONE learning site!
Amazing for Spanish. We use it in English for Quizlet live and it helps us learn over 40 vocab words a week. My Spanish grade has gone from a C to an A from this.
This website is the best. I use it to study every day. I can't live without it. Its great.
I use Quizlet for note-taking for every single class I have. Quizlet is probably the #1 reason for my great grades this year. The match game is so fun and significantly more efficient for learning and memorizing terms and definitions. I don't even take notes in a notebook anymore when I can have it all saved on Quizlet and then play games with it so I don't get bored studying.
jakealexhorvath 111 sets
Quizlet really has helped me with creating sets to help me win my school spelling bee. Now I am going to the Seattle regional bee. This website is the best and it helps me a lot.
tp103 391 sets
Good for studying, if you are willing to make your own study sets or your teacher uses it often. My teacher uploads everything to here, so of course I come here to study.
TheThirdPham 17 sets
Quizlet is awesome. Its great for studying for quizzes and tests. I definetely recommend it.
surya2520 3 sets
Quizlet is a super helpful site where you can practice and play games to help you learn! My classmates are going nuts trying to beat each other in Match! Thank you for creating this awesome learning environment!
a32gunther 38 sets
I love Quizlet! it allows me to learn different terms that would normally be hard for me to get. I can take this app anywhere. in the car, while out eating while waiting for my family to get done using the restroom I love it. I have passed more classes that i would normally fail at all because of the different ways you have in your app. thank you
lunarious_p 34 sets
Quizlet is an AMAZING platform that everybody at my school loves! The ability to use I guess you could say "upgraded" flash cards is an amazing tool that all students around the world should benefit from. My teachers and peers, we all embrace Quizlet in the classroom. The ability to create classes and have people share their content is also amazing! Thank you so much Quizlet for everything that you have done to help me.
Toddster 25 sets
Quizlet is a resourceful tool designed for everyone! It's extremely rich in content and, without a doubt in my mind, one of the best products accessible to scholars.
D93c 3 sets
I've tried to study many different ways but Quizlet has really only been the thing that works!
NatalieBelsha 103 sets
This helps me study in several differnet ways. It is a fun way to learn new terms.
Quizlet helps me to study for upcoming tests so I can pass them. I am motivated to push myself through the games!!