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Anyone who does not know Quizlet exists is at a HUGE disadvantage. Quizlet has the best customer service I've seen in any company.
Quizlet is so helpful. My history teacher asks us questions and we have to get them right to get into class. It would usually take me such a long time to answer the questions, but after a night of studying, I got questions right. THANK YOU QUIZLET
cbl14811 2 sets
This school year I've been assigned a rather large quantity of Latin quizzes. By studying all of my vocabulary on Quizlet I've gotten 100% on almost all of my quizzes! I can study here until the materials I need are drilled into my brain. Thanks Quizlet! Your site rocks!
RAINBOWDASH171 81 sets
I love it, because not only does it make you learn the materials you want to, but the way they do it amazes me. They make it a competition, a goal you want to achieve. So if you strive for that goal, you learn excellently. As well, now that I am in the top 110 (109th place), I want to keep that position! So what do I do? Study! Study! Study! And what happens when I study more? I learn more. It's competitive, fun, easy, and a good learning website. A big shout-out to the Quizlet Team!!!!!
DerikPie 126 sets
Quizlet doesn't have the letter "A" in it because people that use it already took the letter and stuck it on their test. :)
TheLeeSlayers 5 sets
Quizlet is absolutely great.
Quizlet has helped me so much when I have to do my Chinese homework and it is so fun!
patty_johnny 30 sets
Quizlet m'aide beaucoup pour apprendre mon vocabulaire d'allemand surtout et aussi en Latin... J'espere que cette application va avoir beaucoup plus de succès qu'elle en a maintenant!!!!!
cela pousserais les étudiants à réviser leurs vocabulaires de manière ludique !!!!
Quizlet has saved my life so many times when I forget to study the night before. it is amazing!!!
babykitty7044 32 sets
It offers a quick way to study if, let's say, you have a math test in 20 minutes. You can open up Quizlet and start studying like that!
DJPJtheStudier 34 sets
It is really great to study on Quizlet. I love it. It is helping me a lot to know how to pronounce the words because English is my second language.
nuraldaim 1 set
Quizlet is awesome and gave me an A+
Priory-Panther 11 sets
Quizlet has helped me so much! I love how there are many options to use to make the best out of studying, and being able to share them with the rest of my classmates. I've gotten improved grades while using Quizlet as a study method!
Home work is so much easier
I couldn't study effectively without it! So much love for Quizlet, it's fantastic.
Dustin_Sherrill 11 sets
I've been using Quizlet in my Prep-Year classes for over a year now and it's gone down really well. I can even see the students grades improving not only from our class times, but also from their own learning experiences outside of university. Excellent app on the mobile and very popular with my guys. Keep up the good work - it has made teaching vocabulary an enjoyable experience for all now!!
aka65 Teacher 32 sets
Quizlet is probably the best studying tool out there. It makes learning easy and convenient and you can have it everywhere you go!
wileycirus 8 sets
I used to have major troubles studying but now thanks to Quizlet I want to study more and be more engaged.
esa_222 3 sets
I want to thank you so much, you have helped me reach my academic goal while having fun. GO QUIZLET!!!!
Quizlet=Study Bae
pknets 4 sets
I love that they give us challenging but fun games to help us understand information.
mprince2004 1 set
I use Quizlet for all my tests and quizzes and it really helps me remember all the terms!
noah618 43 sets
Quizlet helps me memorize vocabulary words a lot faster. Also, its fun, easy, and simple. Quizlet is the BEST!
camrynnb6 11 sets
I have been using Quizlet for almost a year and I enjoy it very much!
oddlyweird 1 set
I love Quizlet because it's easy to use. Not only that, but it really helps me with my Spanish, including connecting words and spelling them correctly.
Amelia_Schriner 10 sets
I love Quizlet because it lets me and my friends compete against each other THX Quizlet :D
Blake_Bidlack73 38 sets
It has games and practice quizzes which, for me, is better than boring, old regular flashcards!
spirit3456 13 sets
Amazing way of studying for tests and midterms!
miaizback 46 sets
It's simple, free and it works. I can memorize vocabulary and definitions in a fun way, that I know will stick in my brain.
I have been using Quizlet for about 4 months now, and I have to say it helps a lot. Thanks a lot Quizlet team!
Jefferz_Z 52 sets