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This is the best website ever. Without it, I wouldn't get 100%'s on my quizzes.
VT1000 28 sets
This is seriously the best. As a biology major, this makes learning terms so much easier than using flash cards.
zkoqmosii 16 sets
I'm home schooled, and Quizlet has been a tool that I've used in almost every class that I have. It's easy to use, and a fun way to study. I have received greater scores on my tests since I started using it. Thanks so much, Quizlet!
Bella_Little9 12 sets
Quizlets' tools are very important to me, to keep me moving along quickly and soundly while I'm studying another language!!!
KentdSmith 38 sets
Quizlet für Fortgeschrittene
Very versatile. Very efficient. Very effective. Very Smart Quizlet!
pmarek 3 sets
Being in a private school is tough and Quizlet helps so much with each test, quiz and final. I make quizlets for almost every test and quiz and share it with the people in my grade. I've been doing this for a few years now and I would not be where I am without Quizlet!
Quizlet's new learn feature has helped sosososo much on so many tests. Their algorithm does an amazing job of differentiating between different study needs. I love it.
Diane_Moon 28 sets
Quizlet is one of the best study sites out there! I am able to retain information quickly and get the test scores that I want. I also love the "search" feature because it allows the learner to find quizlets by other users who are learning the same thing!
goodgrades4me 14 sets
Quizlet helps me study for every subject! When I have a huge test coming up, I just put some key terms in Quizlet and study. I love Quizlet because it uses several studying techniques that really help you remember everything.
Genius! 10 stars! ★★★★★ ★★★★★
azharoslan 7 sets
Quizlet is an absolute life saver. Not only do you guys help me study for tests and other important exams, I feel more confident knowing that I worked to get the grade I did! It's so much fun to make a set and trade and share them with my classmates; it makes it so much easier to study for all of us! Thanks so much, Quizlet!
I absolutely love Quizlet! I'm a senior in High School and I've used this for Chemistry (last year), Biology (this year), and my literature classes. This a great way to learn and study for upcoming tests or even a simple worksheet.
jhawker900 18 sets
I've been using quizlet for a few years and absolutely love it. It has helped me maintain my place on the high-honor-role and get straight-A's on my report cards. I love the "Learn" feature that lets you study for a last-minute test. I make so many Quizlets I have become known as "The Quizlet Guy" at my school! Thanks Quizlet!!!!!
robert0815 PLUS 115 sets
Just recently re-discovered Quizlet and its top-notch functionality. Makes paper flash cards obsolete!
mcv328 24 sets
I love Quizlet! The new learn feature has helped me tremendously. Latin grammar is so much easier now. Thank you Quizlet!
BubblyPorcupine 14 sets
Quizlet is an amazing, easy to use way to study for assessments. Learn is an incredible feature that has helped ace quizzes many times. I would be lost without the learning strategies Quizlet provides.
hudbellman11 17 sets
Great App! I have been using it since I was in the 8th grade and I am currently a freshman in college.
tonygosselin 67 sets
10/10. i love this site. it is the best way to make and study flash cards. i use the "gravity" mode a lot and it is my favorite. keep up the good work users and creators!
Xxrar3willsxX 11 sets
It really helps with the medical abbreviations I have to learn for Healthcare class. Thanks, Quizlet! I've gotten a 100 on every quiz thanks to you.
mbj0717 53 sets
Quizlet is the one website that truly works for me. The functions all help me raise my grades to A's, and I am absolutely thankful for this website!
I've tried to study many different ways but Quizlet has really only been the thing that works!
NatalieBelsha 112 sets
I am so thankful for Quizlet! Studying papers gets boring, and memorizing without any constructive help is difficult. Quizlet totally changes that. I am extremely thankful for this unique and fun way to study for tests, quizzes, exams, and the occasional foreign language. Thank you for being the GOAT!
PattyMelt314 105 sets
Quizlet is my favorite study tool! It helps get the information inside my head, and it has features for every type of test to study for. I love the "confusion alert", "auto-define", and the face that you can add images! I love being able to customize the tests! It is also an amazing tool to learn languages. I highly recommend quizlet!
Juliana232 37 sets
I enjoy using Quizlet. It is easy to use for studying right before a test. It helps me study and focus a lot more!!
Emilyglanzer 1 set
This website is amazing. It helps me learn Spanish quickly and easily! 100% recommend!
MaddieD100 4 sets
Quizlet had helped for all my AP and Honors classes. New features and developments always make the website the best way to study. Quizlet is the future!
lemon_jewl 36 sets
Somehow with Quizlet I actually have FUN studying for tests and quizzes! Thanks so much for this website.
emlb5 12 sets
I love Quizlet! Its so awesome! I get very high grades on all of my test and vocab quizzes! STUDYING PAYS OFF!
Lucas_Babut 53 sets
I use Quizlet all the time! It helps me stay on the highest honor roll. I also create sets for fellow peers and teachers, helping them out when it comes to studying.