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Quizlet has boosted my vocabulary and memorization skills! Without Quizlet, quizzes would be so much harder! Thank you!
Quizlet is awesome! It motivates me to study every day! Thank you, Andrew Sutherland and the rest of the Quizlet team! Keep up the good work!
EvanAzzara 9 sets
I can make Quizlets for my classes, for my school, for everything! Thank you.
Luke_Bracken 28 sets
My friends and I have always enjoyed using Quizlet as a study tool, and Quizlet Live made us love it even more!
Kenta_Hagiwara 151 sets
Quizlet provides all of the needed tools to do the best you can on any quiz or test! I use it frequently for my advanced literature class. I don't seem to have taken a liking to physical flash cards, but Quizlet does better than that will ever for me. I believe that this program will have great effects on the future's classrooms. I see myself using it for a long period of time. I also see myself sharing this wonderful website with others who seem to need help for tests. When someone comes up to me asking for help studying for a vocabulary test, I will say "go make a quizlet set!"
E__N_ 15 sets
I started using Quizlet about a year ago. I started creating sets for my classmates and ever since we started using Quizlet it seems that our grades have skyrocketed!
I was first introduced to Quizlet by a former teacher of mine back at my old school. I've use the site for only a year and my grades really improved. I love how I'm able to create digital flashcards instead of writing them down on paper index cards, which is so much work and wastes a lot of my time. This site has always been motivating me to study to my full potential. Thank you, Quizlet! You're a life saver!
Christy-Lam 30 sets
Just- thank you quizlet! I use quizlet SO much when studying because I am the kind of person that learns with repetition. Not only that, but there are tons of other people on quizlet that I can study sets with. Overall, the best studying site for me that I have found so far.
Quizlet has really helped me with creating science quizzes and teaching! The game helps my children master the terms. I am now using it for Literature and Vocabulary! As a homeschool mom - I love your site! Thank you very much! I do think it is a necessary tool if you are homeschooling!
Unlike some sites, Quizlet does not unnecessarily complicate flashcard learning. Because of the clean design and interface, Quizlet is ideal for vocabulary development. I have been using Quizlet for years with great success. Traditional flashcards usually do not keep well, but I am motivated by the fact that my Quizlet sets are permanent and able to be shared with the entire world. I truly hope that my sets can benefit other Korean learners.
So not only am I able to put all of my notes on Quizlet, but I also allows me many practice tests to get ready to the real thing. All of my classmates also think Quizlet is a great way to study and they will always ask me, "Are you going to create a Quizlet set?" I always respond with a yes! Some classmates of mine of even come to me saying, "I have gotten better grades because of Quizlet!"
DianaRose2002 97 sets
Love this to review terms. We used Quizlet Live today and the entire class was engaged and discussing definitions! It's great!
Thank you Quizlet for helping me get aces and more on my tests! It also helps my studying skills and it lets me see my friends and teachers Quizlets as well!
Adlen1AJ PLUS 17 sets
Quizlet is one of the best ways to engage students in classroom vocabulary learning.
I've been using Quizlet for years and teach others - teachers, students and parents - how to use it. I absolutely love Quizlet Live. My students in upper high school love the collaboration factor and even if they don't know the terms, it is great to see them problem solve together. Amazing way to review terms and a huge hit...THANKS!
gerilee_godkin 49 sets
Quizlet is so fun. Keeps my French grade up!
sophieperel 12 sets
Quizlet Live is so much fun! We play it in my French Class and it is such a great tool for us to use to learn the words in a competition!
Soren_French22 15 sets
Quizlet Live helped my students to pass a very challenging IT exam - amazing !
Quizlet is a very cool place to study because of the different options to choose from!
I really enjoy Quizlet because it helps me learn!!!!
I love Quizlet. It is so much easier for me to use this site than study out of a text book. I will pass high school because of this.
Missquiz1 3 sets
fell like it makes things more fun to learn improves grades to I LOVE QUIZLET ☻
deontepointer01 12 sets
I enjoy Quizlet Live and competing against my fellow peers whilst also learning!
Lil_Emzy 6 sets
I use Quizlet for english and french classes and to teach radiology: It is perfect to relate images of Xray, CT, US etc with the diagnosis.
I'm going to use this for Japanese. One of my friends recommended this app so I have big expectations!!
Amarise 3 sets
I LOVE QUIZLET!!!!! quizlet is sooo epic. and has helped me through so many quizzes. Quizlet in honestly amazing, who agrees??? #quizletloversunite !!!
woptober 0 sets
Quizlet is the place where I learn more about integrated science and I hope with this I can pass the subject cause I need it rally bad thanks Quizlet thanks so much
I like everything about Quizlet!!!
Quizlet is a super helpful site where you can practice and play games to help you learn! My classmates are going nuts trying to beat each other in Match! Thank you for creating this awesome learning environment!
Justin1556 7 sets
I enjoy everything about Quizlet because it helps me study for my tests and I pass every single test in my clesses!