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This site was super helpful I used it to create study sets and also to help study for my finals.
im_dustin 8 sets
10/10. i love this site. it is the best way to make and study flash cards. i use the "gravity" mode a lot and it is my favorite. keep up the good work users and creators!
Xxrar3willsxX 12 sets
Quizlet has helped me yeet so many bad grades.
K00LA1DMAN 13 sets
Quizlet simplifies school education all across the board, from Biology to Geography. This website is not just ideal it's essential.
Noah_Bogado 5 sets
I use Quizlet frequently in my classroom. I especially find the vocabulary practice helpful for students who are working on my IGCSE or A Level Classes and need to learn a large number of terms quickly. Plus I really like the way quizlet live functions, and my students love playing the game.

I love quizlet! I definitely try to spread the word about this valuable resource.
This is seriously the best. As a biology major, this makes learning terms so much easier than using flash cards.
zyguyy 0 sets
I use quizlet as a student even though it might say I'm a teacher, and it's actually REALLY fun to study on here! You can also make classes yourself, you don't need to be plus. I actually got much better grades than when I didn't use quizlet. In private school, it's really difficult if you have trouble paying attention like me. But quizlet actually made it interesting with its fun games like gravity and match. Also, if your teacher sets it up, you can play quizlet live with your other classmates, trying to get the most correct answers in a row. Thank you Quizlet, because I couldn't get good grades without you!!! :D
K00LA1DMAN 13 sets
Quizlet is very useful. I use it so often that I always get a great score on my quizzes and tests. Thank you team for making this a fun and easy tool to use!
MarinaZ225 163 sets
When I study for anything in school, I can get stressed or really upset. It made it worse when my mother said that if I didn't get a good grade, I couldn't make any videos that week for my channel. But now that I use quizlet, I'm proud to say that my channel is regularly updated every week! Thank you quizlet for saving my channel and grades!
This got me thru Spanish in High School.
Clinggi5 19 sets
I've been using Quizlet for about five years (at least), and I cannot convey how useful it has been for me. Whether it be for studying for English Vocab Tests, or just reviewing content in Chemistry, Quizlet is a wonderful tool for education.
PG199 20 sets
Quizlet is the best. I've performed so successfully in national competitions such as the National History Bee, US International Geography Bee, and US Geography Olympiad. I highly recommend this studying platform for anything and everything.
rebeccani_ 196 sets
It helps with online school and the tests there. It also helps me focus and my teacher loves. I can't stress how important Quizlet is to use for studying. THX, Quizlet!!!!!
I love Quizlet more than I love most things in life. Quizlet makes learning new vocabulary in new languages super easy. I feel much more prepared for my classes than my peers who do not use Quizlet. Quizlet makes learning stress- free, and as someone who is an anxious mess, that makes learning a lot easier and more fun. I cannot recommend Quizlet enough.
mutantbunny60 13 sets
Quizlet has helped me so much on test especially in my AP classes, but in other classes as well. I love all of the features that it has especially the new Learn.
tjohn42 53 sets
Quizlet has saved my grades! I make study sets for my classmates and I to study with, and it has been a lifesaver. Thank you Quizlet for making the study site we all need and appreciate!
akelly04 19 sets
Quizlet is an amazing, easy to use way to study for assessments. Learn is an incredible feature that has helped ace quizzes many times. I would be lost without the learning strategies Quizlet provides.
hudbellman11 26 sets
You really don't get a studying site better than this! Thanks for all the help and practice for over the years!
jacob_ward03 85 sets
Mom of 5, ages ranging from 15 to 4. I have created a habitual study routine that is centered around quizlet! At least once a week someone will ask HOW I manage being a full time nursing student and balance being active mom. QUIZLET!! I walk in the door from lecture and my notes go into a set, from there all of my exam prep is at the tip of my fingers no matter where I am. No accidental spills, rips, or misplacing of my book or the paper copy of my notes. As long as I have my phone I am prepared for that extended wait, unexpected trip, practice, or games.. THANK YOU, Quizlet team! I do not know what I would do it without it!!
Outstanding study resource! Quizlet has helped me since the 4th grade, and I have had massive amounts of vocab that I need to know. With Quizlet, these vocab terms become less intimidating and more familiar and fun! I am currently a straight-A student. Without this outstanding resource, I would not be half as far as I currently am now. Keep up the good work!!!
aman151 71 sets
Somehow with Quizlet I actually have FUN studying for tests and quizzes! Thanks so much for this website.
emlb5 31 sets
Quizlet is a great way to study, and I never get bored doing it. Because of Quizlet, I get 100% on all my history tests. The quality of this site never gets old.
yuehengo 20 sets
As a homeschooler in my junior year, I have a lot of challenging courses that I need to master. My two weak areas are math and science, but Quizlet has helped me grow stronger in those two areas. I use Quizlet whenever I need to memorize facts that prove difficult for me. Quizlet has also really helped me in AP Spanish. I strongly recommend Quizlet to any student, young and old alike. Thanks Quizlet!
NadiaEstep_ 0 sets
I enjoy using Quizlet. It is easy to use for studying right before a test. It helps me study and focus a lot more!!
Emilyglanzer 1 set
I love that you can make your own study sets to study what you need to. Quizlet has helped me countless times to study for tests. Thank you for having such a reliable and easy to use site!
sb230009 55 sets
I don't usually leave reviews but honestly Quizlet is so helpful to me as a student, especially for language classes. If you're taking AP Chinese like me, check out the idiom flashcards!
FionaLuo759 41 sets
Quizlet is a must in my classroom...All students have to study daily their language vocabulary words and we play Quizlet live to review all the time... I love Quizlet because it works and it has changed the way I teach vocabulary in the classroom.
ttobon TEACHER 838 sets
Quizlet is very useful. I use it so often that I always get a great score on my quizzes and tests. Thank you team for making this a fun and easy tool to use!
THEKINGK6 8 sets
As a freshman in many stressful honors classes, Quizlet is the best tool for me! I have done significantly better on my tests and quizzes because of it. Thanks so much!
Kyra_4 100 sets
This is the best website ever. Without it, I wouldn't get 100%'s on my quizzes.
SOCCERKING106 20 sets