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Amazing! It is just amazing. I have gone from 70's to 90's thanks to Quizlet!!!! I have so much fun with it as well. I have been using it for 4 years now! Yipee!!!!
AT71GAMING 15 sets
I would like to take a moment to thank the Quizlet team for creating this awesome website. Quizlet has help me not only pass my classes, but also helped me perform superior to most, if not all my classmates. It has been and will be an awesome learning tool, it well probably guide me through my high school and college years.
Keep up the good work,
you are my inspiration,
thank you guys so much!!!
cunshui 28 sets
You guys keep making more and more features that surprise me everyday. Helpful hints and tools that I never knew I needed until I stumble upon them while studying using Quizlet. You make learning that much easier. Thanks!
Chris_I 65 sets
Quizlet is one of the best sites I have ever used to study! I ace every science and English test I have! I might even consider getting a job here when I am old enough.
Quizlet is amazing for studying by biology vocab. I used to have trouble with them until I found Quizlet. Now I ace my tests because of Quizlet! Thank you so much!!!
anna_tropicana 36 sets
This helps me so much when I study for tests! I hate flashcards and sorting words but this makes it so fun!
This is a very revolutionary app for teaching and the learning process. Especially in my subject which is Chinese Language. It is really helpful!!! QUIZLET ROCKS !!!
zhengduntu 98 sets
Quizlet is great for anywhere!
rzheng21 14 sets
My students love the flash cards and the matching game! Their quiz grades have gone up since we began using Quizlet! Thank you.
llittledpisd 14 sets
With Quizlet, pupils find the self-confidence in themselves again to learn, also those who thought: learning something isn't impossible for me! On the contrary, they are so surprised and happy to find out that they are able to learn, write correctly, and memorize so much vocabulary. Like I say to my pupils: Thank you, Quizlet!
FrauKluczka 242 sets
I have been doing quizlet for 2 years now and I don't like, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
I never had a good way of studying. Now I look forward to it! Thanks Quizlet!
I love this website for multiple reasons: for one, It's free for the basics. Two, the community is great. It brought my benchmark grade from a 51% to my midterm benchmark grade of 82%. Thanks, Quizlet.
Quizlet just makes my life so much easier with quick, on - the - go studying... Thank you!!
PiGenius 72 sets
Perfect for the smart board for group review. Also I'll "star" 2 to 3 expressions and use as an entrance or exit ticket. With Quizlet, students self-check. Also will use with verb conjugations in front of the class. Student see on smart board, write answer on paper, check answer on smart board and rewrite correct answer. Great for formative assessment. Teacher mode, if students want to retake a quiz, I have them complete Speller and Learn modes. Easily check for completion in the Class Progress tab. Just tried Quizlet.Live with my students. It was a HIT!
srcarlos Teacher 1024 sets
Will most definitely continue to use this throughout my education career. Thank you :) easy, accessible, universal, and fun
sjordan123123 13 sets
Easy study tool that helps me ace my vocabulary quizzes!
akbowen 30 sets
I've always had troubles in school with learning and being motivated to succeed. Once I found Quizlet it gave me an easy and fun way to organize my learning style. It gave me power to control things independently instead of someone doing it for me. With the help of Quizlet, I've been able to ace tests and be overall more confident in my work!! Thank you!
Chandler_Cole4 10 sets
My students really like the new Quizlet.live game. We've tried it in class today and they wanted to know when we could play the game again. I am a huge Quizlet fan, use it for my English classes.
My AWESOME teacher Mrs.Willis introduced me to this to help me with my tests and vocab. This is an amazing way to stay #onfleek with your school grades!!!😊💁👍👌
In my class we need to learn a lot of new vocabulary. It was really hard for us, but since we use Quizlet, it has been easier. Thank you Quizlet!
Domi_G 84 sets
I've had quizlet since I was in 6th grade Im in 8th now and my tests and quizzes have been improving because of Quizlet1!!!
Abbi_Meladie 40 sets
I have been using Quizlet for years with my students. They LOVE it!
lstackhouse 63 sets
I am a technology consultant to our school board in Montreal and I have shown quizlet to teachers who have told me it is THE best technology they have been exposed to ever.

My daughter brought home a 100% on her report card and I attribute a significant portion of this success to her use of Quizlet.com

Peter Chan
This has been a bonus to my students over their Preparatory year studying English here in Saudi Arabia. I have seen a clear improvement in all my students vocabulary results and I put this down to Quizlet. Please keep up the good work, the new app and the way you have made this a really useful language tool. Thanks to all the Quizlet team.
aka65 Teacher 41 sets
Great website! I have seen a huge increase in all of my grades while studying off this site. I would recommend this source to anyone
Colby1219 42 sets
My students love it! It has taken learning vocabulary to new heights!!
pottse2 10 sets
My grades have skyrocketed when I started using quizlet three years ago. Coincidence? I think not.
Harrisonblume 100 sets
I really enjoy using Quizlet as a fun, informative way to study my Latin and French vocabulary. It has a great impact on my school grades and results, and is WAY more fun then just looking at some words written down. Thanks Quizlet! :D
Quizlet is the place to memorize words and learn English :)
Tiffani_Leon 0 sets