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  1. femina
  2. bene
  3. Rident stolidi verba Latina
  4. Theodore Roosevelt
  5. Sessile Animals
  1. a woman
  2. b
    26th President
    Took office from 1901-1909
    Republican Party
  3. c well
  4. d Fools laugh at the Latin language.
  5. e Sea animals that stick themselves to one place and don't move such as sponges and corals.

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  1. I sit
  2. nine
  3. Horse
  4. Black (0)
  5. the people rebelled and killed him

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  1. Alma materI have


  2. Millard Fillmore
    13th President
    Took office from 1850-1853
    Whig Party


  3. cormoranta large diving bird with webbed feet, a hooked beak, and a long neck that can expand to swallow fish. Native to: coastal waters


  4. When the subtractive primaries are added together equally, what is created?Black. Subtractive primaries are Magenta, Yellow, Cyan


  5. What did the Emperer Diocletian do?divided the Roman Empire into two parts