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  1. What would you use an ICC profile for?
  2. Byzantine Empire
  3. quattuor
  4. unus
  5. clam
  1. a secretly
  2. b To set accurate color standards to any device that captures or displays color.
  3. c one
  4. d last surviving part of the Eastern Roman Empire
  5. e four

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  1. nearest, next
  2. A mirror and pentaprism
  3. Blown highlights
  4. ancient monument possibly used to predict arrival of seasons
  5. Yang Chien

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  1. Grover ClevelandThey rebelled against the Romans


  2. The rule of thirds necessitates that the composition be divided into a grid of now many equal rectangles or squares?3200 Kelvin


  3. Mater Italiae - Romathird


  4. Roman peacewhat does "Pax Romana" mean


  5. clamoThe term used for newborn whales