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  1. timeo
  2. certus, a, um
  3. Going clockwise around the color wheel, starting with RED, what is the progression of colors?
  4. habeo
  5. caelum
  1. a Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta
  2. b I have
  3. c I fear
  4. d certain, sure
  5. e sky, heaven

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  1. When a whale swims slowly at the surface with very little movement.
  2. charioteer
  3. small groups of desert dwelling nomadic people on the Arabian Peninsula.
  4. five
  5. A strip of color that crosses the bird's wing horizontally.

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  1. Barack Obama
    44th President
    Still in Office (Incumbent)
    Democratic Party


  2. octoeight


  3. sanctus, a, umfull


  4. quattuorfour


  5. laboroI love