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  1. What angle of view does a spot meter read?
  2. What is focal length, technically?
  3. Using this kind of automatic exposure setting on the camera, you set the shutter speed and the camera sets the aperture
  4. Middle Ages or Dark Ages
  5. solus, a, um
  1. a Maybe as little as 0.5 degrees or 1 degree
  2. b The distance between the lens rear nodal point and the focal plane when the lens is focused at infinity.
  3. c Shutter-Priority
  4. d alone, only
  5. e called dark because there wasn't much written about what happened in the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms

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  1. largest order of birds comprising about half the known species
  2. Snoot
  3. RAID system
  4. Fairly dark part of the ocean under the sunlit zone where fewer animals live
  5. The layers of gases and mist that cover a planet, such as the earth.

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  1. The Celtsgroups of Celts each following a different king


  2. Calfthe characteristic sound produced by a bird


  3. If you're working with an automatic camera and you set the aperture and the camera sets the shutter speed, what mode are you working in?Aperture-priority


  4. What is the term used to describe a sensor's sensitivity to light?A change in exposure of 1 EV, that is 1/2 or 2x the amount of light.


  5. defendRebellion against authority (especailly by seamen or soilders against their officers).


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