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  1. 597 ad
  2. Coliseum
  3. clamo
  4. William Howard Taft
  5. Muslim
  1. a I shout
  2. b A follower of the religion of Islam,believe in a god known as Allah.
  3. c
    27th President
    Took office from 1909-1913
    Republican Party
  4. d Augustine brought Christianity to Britain with 40 men
  5. e giant stadium in Rome. Provided public entertainment. Gladiator fights, mock naval battles, and martyring Christians all took place in the coliseum. built by VESPASIAN

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  1. well
  2. brother
  3. Relative aperture. The opening on a long lens must be larger than a corresponding opening on a short lens to produce the same f-stops.
  4. Depth of field

  5. 37th President
    Took office from 1969-1974
    Republican Party

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  1. What is the term used to describe data contained in a digital image?Infrared


  2. What is the Rule of Two?around the Mediterranean Sea


  3. extinct
    describes a type of organism that no longer exists anywhere on Earth


  4. opiumThe path an object or planet follows as it moves around the sun.


  5. A tall vertical line on the right hand edge of a histogram indicates what?lengthen (or slow) the shutter speed