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  1. Constantinople
  2. specto
  3. Porpoises
  4. What color is between Magenta and Cyan on the color wheel?
  5. Focal length controls what?
  1. a Smaller than dolphins, have a long, lean sleek body. Do not have a beak like a dolphin. Has a triangular dorsal fin with no curve.
  2. b I look at
  3. c capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire
  4. d 1) Magnification, or the size of the subject; 2) Angle of view
  5. e Blue

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  1. A store established by traders to buy and sell supplies
  2. Have teeth
  3. A RAW file that has been altered
  4. Glossy paper
  5. Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic

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  1. WhalersLines around the edge(s) of text, a page, a cell, or a table


  2. meus, a, ummy


  3. sedowater


  4. William Henry Harrison
    9th President
    Took office from 1841-1841
    Whig Party


  5. astronomyknowledge of the stars