Biology Chapter 1

Organism is to community as organ is to
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A small group of 25 predatory birds populates an island. By chance, members of the population have superior site, which gives these birds a significant advantage in capturing prey. After hundreds of generations, the population on the island has risen to 1,500 and all of the other birds have superior sight compared to the same species on other islands. This is an example ofEvolutionary adaptationWhat would happen if an ecosystem lacked decomposersThe ecosystem would stop functioningAs we respire, we release CO2. The carbon in this CO2 is obtained fromThe food we eatActinospheria elegans is a unicellular, photosynthetic, eukaryotic organism. To which domain does it belongEukaryaWhich of the following groups within the domain Eukarya does NOT represent a single kingdomProtistaIn the figure below, what leads directly to the reproductive success of these beetlesThe beetles with traits best suited to the environment surviveWhich of these is a scientific hypothesisMy excessive urination may mean that I have high blood pressureScientific experimentation is important in that it allows the experimenter toReject some alternative hypothesisRadon is a radioactive gas that seeps into homes from the soil. It is thought to be a leading cause of lung cancer. A research team investigates this theory. They gather large amounts of data on basement radon concentrations and lung cancer rates and conclude that the more radon there is in a home, the more likely is lung cancer. After the study is published, other researchers criticize it by asserting that the studied neighborhoods with higher radon concentrations also have a higher percentage of older people and a higher percentage of cigarette smokers than the low-radon neighborhoods. Both advanced age and cigarette smoking increase the risk of lung cancer. This criticism, if correct, shows that the radon study suffered fromUncontrolled variablesA company was testing a new drug it thought would help decrease the risk of transmission of viruses from mother to fetus. In an experiment to test the compound, an investigator gave 400 pregnant female rats a small dose of the experimental drug and inoculated each with a type of virus known to cause disease in rats. At the same time, 400 other pregnant rats were given only the virus. Of the rat pups born to the females that received both the virus and the drug, 203 showed no symptoms of the disease; 205 rat pups born to the virus-only females showed symptoms. From this test, we can best concludeThat the drug seems to have little effect on viral transmission at the dosage givenThe following statements is true about the chemical nutrients in an ecosystemThey cycle within the ecosystem and are constantly reusedAll cells haveA cell membraneAt which level of interaction does life first appearCellWhat is the molecular commonality that is the basis of life's varietyDNAWhich group within the domain Eukarya represents organisms that are generally single-calledProtistaNatural selection tends to act at which of the following levelsPopulationNatural selection requiresBoth heritable variation and differential reproductive successA theory isA well-supported concept that has broad explanatory powerScience itself is capable ofDetermining the physical causes for physical phenomenaExperimentation is only one part of the scientific process, but it is a very important step because itAllows rejection of some alternative hypothesesTwo garden plots were planted with corn. The soil was similar in each, and equal amounts of water were applied to each plot. One plot was fertilized, the other was not. The experimenters measured the wield as bushels of corn from each plot. The plot that did not receive the fertilizer was theControl plotAn increase in antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis bacteria is proving to be a problem in treating this disease. This could be due toEvolutionWhich series of terms is in the sequence of biological organization from the simplest to the most complexCell, tissues, organ, populationIn which of the following kingdoms can most multicellular photosynthetic organisms be foundPlantaeDeductive reasoning is generally used during which portion of the scientific processIn establishing a test of a hypothesisLocal farmers think that a commonly used pesticide is responsible for the increase in appearance of frogs with an additional appendage. To test this hypothesis, frogs are injected with a small amount of pesticide mixed in ethanol. The frogs are allowed to produce offspring to test the effect of the pesticide. What would be the best controlled experimentOne group is injected with ethanol, one group is injected with pesticide, and one group is not injected with anything_______ is to science as _______ is to engineeringDiscovery; inventionWhich sequence lists organisms in the order of producer, consumer, and decomposerAlgae, bird, earthwormWhich of the following processes occurs in eukaryotic cells, but NOT in prokaryotic cellsDigestion of large organic molecules within lysosomesHuman proteins, such as insulin, can be produced by bacterial cells. This is possible becauseAll organisms share a common genetic codeA single-called eukaryotic organism that is neither a consumer nor a decomposer would most likely be classified inOne of the kingdoms of ProtistaThe following is an example of inductive reasoningThrough the years of field observations, researchers have determined that introduction of a new female changes the behavior of a male gorillaA scientist notes that an ornamental grass grown on a berm is taller than the same type of grass grown in a creek bed. The scientist suspects that this difference is due to water availability. This proposed explanation is aHypothesisTechnology isThe application of scientific knowledge for some specific purposeThe following statement is NOT true about discoveries that have been made as a result of comparison of DNA sequences across many speciesOrganisms possessing a genetic code drastically different from that used by humans have been discovered