2 Vocabulary

He got a new bicycle for his birthday.
I got a call from Dave this morning.
If you want to be successful you need to get a good education.
This room gets very little sunshine.
We got £420 000 for the house.
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get It's getting dark. He got drunk and passed out. I got a shock when I saw the bill. She got great satisfaction from seeing his embarrassment.olmakget We have to get him to the hospital immediately.götürmekget I got him to agree to the plan. I can't get the TV to work.sağlamak, tırmakget Joe's in the kitchen getting breakfast for everyone. Can I get you anything to eat? Who's getting the lunch? I must go home and get tea for the kids.(yemek, çay) hazırlamakget His drinking is getting to be a problem. She's getting to be an old lady now. After a time you get to realize that these things don't matter. We don't have much time so we'd better get working. I got talking to a woman on the bus.başlamakget A boy threw a stone at me but he couldn't get me.vurmakget The police have got the gang who carried out the robberyyakalamakget a job She hasn't been able to get a job. He has just got a new job.iş bulmak / işe girmekget result She really knows how to get results.sonuç almakget to do sth Did you get to try the new computer? Did you get to see a musical when you were in London? It's not fair—I never get to go first.fırsatı olmakget a chance I will report back when I get a chance. I'll get a chance to finish it.fırsat bulmak / şansı bulmakwhen you get a chancemüsait olduğundaget the impression I get the impression that he is bored with his job. I got the impression that he wasn't interested.izlenim edinmekget attention I think someone's trying to get your attention.dikkat çekmekget a taxi We're going to be late—let's get a taxi. I usually get the bus to work.(otobüs, tren, uçak) binmek, (taksi) tutmakget undressedsoyunmakget to know You'll like her once you get to know her. How did you get to know that the money had gone?tanımak, öğrenmekget surpriseşaşırmakget used to I can't get used to my new bed.alışmakget sth done I must get my hair cut. I'll never get all this work finished. I had to get the car repaired.(kestirmek, bitirmek, tamir ettirmek) tirmekget sth done She has a reputation for getting things done. Let's get this work done, then we can go out.halletmekget somewhereilerleme kaydetmekget nowhere I'm getting nowhere with my research.ilerleme kaydetmemekget going We'd better get going if we don't want to be late.(başka bir yere gitmek için bir yerden) ayrılmakget to sleep I couldn't get to sleep because of the noise.uyumakget upset There's no point getting upset about it.üzülmekavoid Why do you keep avoiding me? avoid expense I left early to avoid the rush hour. She kept avoiding my eyes (= avoided looking at me).kaçmak / kaçınmakavoid He tried hard to avoid accidents. We need to avoid further delays. The accident could have been avoided.önüne geçmek / önlemekavoid She has to avoid eating fatty food.uzak durmak / sakınmakgenuine The document is not considered genuine. genuine leather The signature is genuine. [=authentic]gerçek, hakikigenuine He came across as a very genuine person. She always showed genuine concern for others.içten / samimi ve dürüstupset I understand how upset you must be feeling. I was upset at missing all the excitement.üzgünupset I've been off work with an upset stomach. I've got an upset stomach.bozuk / rahatsızsend She sent a letter of support. to send something by mail My parents send their love. Henry sent his regards to you.göndermek / yollamaksend Ed couldn't make it so they sent me instead. She sent the kids to bed early. The judge sent her to prison for two years. Children were sent home from school because it was just too hot. I've sent Tom to buy some milk.(birini bir yere) göndermek / yollamakfill Please fill this glass for me. Smoke filled the room. Her image filled the screen.doldurmakfill The room filled with smoke.dolmakhave tooth filled I need to have two teeth filled.dolgu yaptırmakmeet I hope we'll meet again soon. The committee meets on Fridays.buluşmak / bir araya gelmekmeet Will you meet me at the airport? The hotel bus meets all incoming flights.(birini bir yerde) karşılamakmeet The oil industry is working to meet clean air requirements.(bir şeyi) karşılamakmeet I met [=ran into] an old friend at the store.karşılaşmakmeet There's someone I want you to meet.tanışmakone way or another I generally get what I want one way or another (= by some means).öyle ya da böyleother Are there any other questions? If you're busy, I'll come back some other time. There seem to be no other survivors.başkaother Some designs are better than others. He was the only other person in the apartment. This option is preferable to any other.diğerother He raised one arm and then the other.öbür / ötekianother Would you like another drink? 'Finished?' 'No, I've got another three questions to do.' We've still got another (= a further) forty miles to go.bir tane dahaanother Let's do it another time. I don't like this room. I'm going to ask for another.başkasee I looked out of the window but saw nothing.görmeksee Fifty thousand people saw the match. I finally got to see them in concert.izlemek / seyretmeksee See [=look] below for details. See page 158. See, the bus is coming.bakmaksee What is it you want to see me about? Are you seeing anyone (= having a romantic relationship with anyone)?görüşmeksee You should see a doctor about your rash.(doktora) görünmeksee I don't see why we have to do that.anlamaksee I saw him at the hospital.ziyaret etmekcoursebookders kitabıcourse a French/chemistry course She teaches a course on internet crime.kurscourse The main course was roast duck. a four-course dinner (dört çeşit akşam yemeği)yemekcrowd Police had to break up the crowd. Some people in the crowd started singing.kalabalıkmore I want some more! Only two more days to go! There's a room for three more people.dahamore more bread/cars Tell me more about your job. I couldn't eat any more.daha fazlasoon I soon realized the mistake. I'll be back soon.çok geçmeden / hemensoon See you soon! He promises to visit again soon.yakındasoon How soon can you get here? Please send it as soon as possible. Do you really have to go so soon?çabuk, erkenfurther Cook for a further 2 minutes. For further details call this number. Can you give me any further information?daha / daha fazlafurther No further developments have been reported. We have decided to take no further action.daha başka / başkauntil further notice The museum is closed until further notice (= until we say that it is open again).sonraki / yeni bir duyuruya kadarflat They're renting a furnished flat on the third floor.apartman dairesiflat I need a flat surface to write on. The desert was flat, mile after mile. flat shoes (= with no heels or very low ones)düzflat The sea was almost completely flat.(dalgasız deniz) düzarrive I'll wait until they arrive. to arrive early/late for a meeting We waited an hour for our lunch to arrive. A letter arrived for you this morning. The wedding day finally arrived.varmak / ulaşmak, (yemek, düğün günü, mektup, toplantıya) gelmekdeep a deep hole/well/river deep water/snow The water looks quite deep there. a deep cut/wound She took a deep breath.(kuyu, nehir, delik, su, kar, yara, kesik, nefes, uyku) derindeep a rich deep red(renk) koyuuse I need to use the phone when you're done. Did you use all the eggs? The car uses a lot of gas. The poem uses simple language. I realized that she was just using me (for my money).(telefon, yumurta, gaz, dil, birini) kullanmakuse You can't justify the use of military force. Two players were suspended for illegal drug use.kullanım / kullanmause The plant has various medical uses. What use is a mouse without a computer?yarar / faydaforeign It can be a challenge at first living in a foreign country. a foreign-owned company The area is trying to attract foreign investment.(ülke, dil, sermaye) yabancıforeign This kind of attitude is completely foreign to her. Dishonesty is foreign to his nature.(davranış) yabancıforeign This is a huge departure for the country's foreign policy The country relies heavily on foreign aid.dışforeign the Japanese foreign ministerdış işleriforeign holidaysyurtdışı tatiliforeign currency I went to the bank to get some foreign currency.döviz / yabancı paralike She's never liked swimming. How do you like your steaks cooked?sevmek / hoşlanmaklike Do you like their new house? Which tie do you like best?beğenmeklike You can leave any time you like. "What should we do now?" "Whatever you like!" We can stay as long as you like. [=as long as you want to stay]istemekrecently We received a letter from him recently. Until recently they were living in York. Her father died recently at age 79.geçenlerde / yakınlardarecently She's been working hard recently.son zamanlardaapplicant There were over 500 applicants for the job. successful college/job applicants We interviewed 30 qualified applicants for the job.başvuru / başvuru sahibi / aday