absorb -You should put sunscreen on half of hour before you go outside so your skin will absorb it.
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encourage -The teacher tried to encourage her students to read for fun.v. 鼓勵establish -My family's restaurant was established in 1902,so it is more than 100 years old.v. 建立;創辦/found /establishment n. 居住或做生意的地方或機構exclude -The club didn't exclude women from membership.v. 將⋯排除在外;不包括/exclusive adj. 專門的gallery -Rachel has a show of her paintings at art gallery in the city.n. 美術館;畫展injury -His wrist injury forced him to retire from professional football.n. 傷害;損傷mass -Bill cannot go to Emma's birthday party because he has masses of work to do.n. 大量/mass transportation n. 大眾運輸potential -The coach helped Alice reach her full potential.n. 潛力/adj. 有潛力的;可能的Psychologist -The school psychologist asked me some question about my home life.n. 心理學家specialize -Allen specializes in cooking Mexican food,so he can help you make some interesting snacks for your party.v. 專門從事;專攻;專情standard -Brenda has high standards when it comes to choosing an apartment.n. 標準/criterionstrengthen -Wanda is exercising more often now because she wants to strengthen her heart.v. 加強;強化;鞏固talent -Bert has incredible musical talent.n. 天分;才能/aptitude n. 資質tropical -Elise will go to a tropical island for her holiday this year.adj. 熱帶的access -This white card will give you access to the whole building.n. 管道;門路;使用、進入⋯的權利/v. 進入;使用;存取(電腦資料)/accessible adj.易於取得的advantage -Could you telling me about the advantage of living in the city?n. 優點;優勢/disadvantage n. 缺點;壞處;不利之條件anguish -She felt anguish after her mother died.n. 極度痛苦apology -I owe you an apology. what I said to you before was rude and unfair.n. 道歉appliance -They went to the appliance section to look at ovens.n. 家用電器browse -I often go to the bookstore to browse in order to see if there are any interesting new books.v. (在商店)漫不經心地看商品;瀏覽campaign -His campaign ended when he was caught taking bribes.n. 活動;競選活動/v. 從事、參加(政治或商業性活動)compare -Emily compared the functions to the two cameras in order to decide which one to buy.v. 比較;對照/comparisonconcern -I want to study in Canada,but my mother has some concerns about the idea.n. 擔憂;關心/v. 使關心;關心;涉及consume -Wayne wants to consume more vegetables and less meat.v. 食用;花費;消耗/consumer n.消費者contain -The bowl in the refrigerator contains some chicken soup that my aunt made for us.v. 包含;含有/includedecoration -Ann put up decorations around the house before the party.n. 佈置;裝飾(品)enterprise -The two friends created an enterprise that made lots of money.n. 企業;商業組織;企劃;冒險行為/business n. 生意;商業exception -I usually sleep very well, but last night was an exception.n. 例外;除外/except prep. 除了⋯之外fluently -Shelly speaks Spanish fluently.adv. 流利地infection -Charlotte didn't clean the cut on her finger, and soon she had an infection.n. 感染;傳染;傳染病insult -They traded insult during their argument.n. v. 侮辱;羞辱jealous -When I saw my boyfriend talking to Lisa,I was really jealous.adj. 嫉妒的necessary -Comfortable shoes are necessary for the trip,so make sure to bring them.adj. 必要的;必需的nutrients -That fruit tastes great, and it is full of nutrients.n. 營養物;養分overemphasize -The impact of the Internat on modern life be overemphasized.v. 過分強調/emphasize v.強調;凸顯pedestrian -The car grazed a pedestrian that was walking in the crosswalk.n. 行人;步行者 adj. 行人的;徒步的physical -Do you prefer to shop in physical store or online?adj. 實體的;身體的;體能的;物理學的pregnant -I stood up to allow a pregnant woman to have my seat on the bus.adj. 有身孕的/pregnancy n. 懷孕(期)privacy -To protect his privacy,Ian does not any pictures of himself online.n.隱私;私下;獨處;清靜process -There are many steps to this process, so please pay attention.n. 過程;程序;步驟 v. 加工;處理purchase -We should purchase some shoes at this store because everything is on sale.v. 購買 n. 購買(行為);購買之物regular -I don't like trying unusual food, so I ordered a regular hamburger.adj. 普通的;一般的;經常的;規律的strike -Lightning struck the tall tree in front of our house.v. 侵襲;襲擊;(災難)爆發 n. 罷工access -The director is trying to assess how much it will cost to produce the film.v. 評估;估計/evaluateaudience -The audience screamed when the monster suddenly appeared on the screen.n. 關眾;聽眾;讀者群compose -For Helen's birthday,her boyfriend composed a song about her.v. 作(曲、詞);構圖demonstrate -Margaret demonstrates her kindness by giving food to homeless people.v. 顯示;證明;展示;示範disappointed -Doris was disappointed that she didn't win the singing contest.adj. 失望的general -What's the general idea of this article?adj. 大致的;一般的;普遍的lively -A crowd gathered in the square to enjoy the lively music.adj. 熱烈的;輕快、活潑的occur -The annual art exhibition occurs in the middle of June.v. 發生;出現option -I don't know about you, but I think this is a terrific option.n. 選擇political -This political book taught me a lot of about our government.adj. 政治的/politician n.政治家presentation -We went to the weekend presentation of the school play.n. 演出;報告;展示;呈現project -The teacher projected the side onto the screen.v. 投影;投射;突出reveal -Claire refuse to reveal John's secret to everyone.v. 揭露;顯示