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  1. pleurisy
  2. hemothorax
  3. hypoxemia
  4. asphyxia
  5. laryngitis
  1. a Inglammation of the visceral and parietal pleura in the toracic cavity.
  2. b The condition that occurs when the body cannot get the air it needs to function.
  3. c Accumulation of blood in the pleural cavity.
  4. d A condition of having below normal oxygen level in the blood.
  5. e Inflammation of the larynx.

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  1. Testing method that utilizes a spirometer to record the volume of air inhaled or exhaled and the length of tiem each breath takes.
  2. Surgical creation of an opening into the chest.
  3. The absence of oxygen from the body/es gases, blood, or tissues.
  4. Excessive discharge of mucus from the bronchi
  5. Shallow or slow respiration.

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  1. atelectasisCondition in which the lung fails to expand because air cannot pass beyond the bronchioles that are blocked by secretions.


  2. pneumothoraxAccumulation of blood in the pleural cavity.


  3. thoracentesisPuncture of the chest wall with a needle to obtain fluid from the pleual cavity for diagnostic purposes, to drain pleural effusions or to reexpand a collapsed lung.


  4. antitussiveMedication administered to prevent, or relieve coughing.


  5. tachypneaAbnormally rapid rate of respiration, usually of more than 20 breaths per minute.


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