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  1. tuberculosis
  2. pharyngitis
  3. bronchoscopy
  4. laryngitis
  5. endotracheal intubation
  1. a Visual examination of the bronchi using a bronchoscope.
  2. b Inflammation of the larynx.
  3. c Inflammation of the pharynx; also known as a sore throat.
  4. d An infectious disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosi.
  5. e The passage of a tube through the nose or mouth into the treachea to establish or maintain an open airway.

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  1. Progressive loss of lung function due to a decrease in the total number of alveoli, the enlargement of the remaining alveoli, and then the progressive destruction of their walls.
  2. The form pneumoconiosos caused by coal dust in the lungs.
  3. accumulation of pus in the pleural cavity.
  4. Shallow or slow respiration.
  5. Acute respiratory syndrome in children and infants characterized by obstruction of the larynx, hoarseness, and a barking cough.

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  1. pneumoconiosisSurgical removal of all or part of a lung.


  2. bradypneaAbnormally slow rate of respiration; usually less than 10 breathes per minute.


  3. hyperpneaShallow or slow respiration.


  4. spirometryTesting method that utilizes a spirometer to record the volume of air inhaled or exhaled and the length of tiem each breath takes.


  5. pneumonectomySurgical removal of the larynx.