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Class progress data

See how your students are studying on Quizlet and track their progress. And you'll be able to see exactly when they completed each study mode. Learn more.

Ad-free studying

Students won't see ads on study sets you've created. And your Quizlet account will be entirely ad-free, so you can project Quizlet sessions on your SMART board.

Voice recording

Add audio to any of your study sets with just the push of a button. Enhance your students' learning with your own accent, example sentences, or even voice hints. Learn more.

Image uploading

Upload your own images, diagrams, or photos to enrich your students' lessons. Great for language learning, math, biology and medical topics, and much more.

Quizlet Live Customizations

Create your own teams of students, keep game-play going continuously, and add audio to the competition.

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quincyscott TEACHER
I'm a high school teacher, and I must say I'm very impressed with your site. You have a thoughtful, functional tool here, and a lot of both style and wit abound. Great work.
Thanks Quizlet team for creating this amazing evolving tool! My students almost all learn to use Quizlet in my class but often tell me they use it for other subjects too! Love the new Teacher Tab!