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Transform your classroom experience with innovative learning tools

Magic Notes

Instantly transform notes and lesson plans into flashcards, study guides, and practice tests

Q-Chat, your AI tutor

Enhance classroom learning and deepen understanding with Q-Chat, your AI tutor

Essay starter

Offer your students inspiration on how to start and stay on track with essay writing

Brain Beats

Turn your flashcard sets into songs for a fun and easy way to learn and remember

Watch students' progress

Gain powerful insights to better meet students where they are in their learning journey


View which students started or completed their study session and those that need encouragement


Learn how students are studying and what needs review


Maximize classroom time based on student performance

Customize your teacher tools

Enrich your classroom with individualized instructional tools

Quizlet live

Drive classroom engagement by creating custom teams and switching terms and definitions during games

Multiple choice options

Encourage your students' critical thinking with custom multiple choice distractors

Advanced creation toolkit

Personalize flashcard sets with audio, images, photos, diagrams and rich text formatting

Uninterrupted study sessions at your fingertips

Create ad-free sets

Create ad-free flashcard sets for your students


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Study anytime, anywhere with the Quizlet app

AI Features
  • Magic Notes
  • Q-Chat, your AI tutor
  • Expert Solutions with AI-powered tutoring
  • Essay Starter
  • Brain Beats
    Class progress
    • Visual student insights
    • Maximize classroom time
    Custom teacher tools
    • Advanced creation toolkit
    • Quizlet Live
    • 100% ad-free studying
    Free 30-day trial then $35.99/year

    That's like $2.99/month