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“Totally awesome. This gives me real data to back up my gut instincts on what things my students can handle now and what things they still need to practice.”

Quizlet Teacher

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Track student progress
See how your students are studying on Quizlet
Create engaging content
Add custom images and recorded audio to make your material more fun and effective
Quizlet Live customizations
Create custom teams, play using diagrams, add audio and keep gameplay going continuously
Organize your classes
Create any groups you need with an unlimited number of classes
Advanced diagram creation
Add an unlimited number of locations to your diagrams and unlock custom shapes
Remove the ads
Help your students stay focused. There won't be ads on any content you create.
Offline access
Create and view sets anytime, anywhere with offline access on the Quizlet app
Night Theme
Make Quizlet easier on the eyes at night by shifting to a darker color scheme

See how your students are studying

With Class Progress, you’ll get a detailed view of which students have started or completed their study sessions — and those who might need more encouragement. You'll also see aggregate data on students' most to least missed terms, helping you pinpoint exactly which concepts need more review.

Customize your Quizlet Live game

Take engagement to the next level with advanced Quizlet Live features that make gameplay easier and more adaptive for your classroom. You'll be able to create custom teams, configure the game with diagrams and audio, and keep up the momentum by easily switching to new sets without changing groups.