Phrases and collocations 14 (Health and fitness)

alternative medicine/therapy
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(trị liệu thay thế)
She says a range of alternative therapies have helped her improve.
Image: alternative medicine/therapy
(tìm kiếm sự thay thế cho)
The program is directed to finding alternatives to oil and natural gas.
Image: find an alternative (to sth)
(tạo cuộc hẹn)
Can you phone the hairdresser and make an appointment?
Image: make/arrange an appointment
(có một cuộc hẹn)
She has an appointment with the dentist at 5 o'clock.
Image: have an appointment
(thất hẹn)
The train was late so I breaked my appointment.
Image: break/miss an appointment
She usually has a bath in the evening.(British)
Image: have/take a bath
(chuẩn bị buồng tắm cho ai)
Please run a bath for me (= fill the bath with water).
Image: run a bath (for sb)
(gặp nguy hiểm)
The refugees believe that their lives are in danger.
Image: be in danger
(hết nguy hiểm)
John is still in hospital but he is out of danger.
Image: be out of danger (=no longer be in danger)
(tập thể dục)
Working in an office, I don't get much exercise.
He was advised by the doctor to take more exercise.
Image: take/get (some) excercise
get/stay/keep/be fit(giữ sức khỏe) I stay fit by swimming for an hour each morning. Cycling is a good way to keep fit. He may not be fit for Saturday's and healthyduy trì và giữ gìn sức khỏedo somebody good(làm điều gì tốt có lợi)something does you good(điều đó giúp bạn tốt) A bit more exercise would do you good.good for someone (to do)(Có lợi cho bạn để làm gì) Too much sugar in your diet isn't good for you. It's good for old people to stay active if they good health(Sức khỏe tốt) Physical exercise is essential to good bad/poor/ill health(sức khỏe xấu) Her parents were elderly and in poor health. He retired early due to ill centre(trung tâm chăm sóc sức khỏe) There is a new health centre and school and new housing is being care (=care from doctors, nurses etc)(chăm sóc sức khỏe) Many Americans cannot afford even basic health care.have an injection (for/against sth)(tiêm thuốc chống lại) He had to have an injection to relieve the pain. You may need to be had an injection against tetanus.give somebody an injection(tiêm cho ai) The nurse gave him an injection.Say "take medicine" not "drink medicine" .(uống thuốc) Have you been taking your medicine?prescribe medicine(kê đơn thuốc) Your doctor can prescribe medicine to ease your symptoms.practice medicine(hành nghề y) She continued to practice medicine until she was in her medinice(nghiên cứu y khoa) study of medicine was prohibitedthe best medicine(phương thuốc tốt nhất) Laughter is the best medicine.alternative medicine(phương thuốc thay thế) Various types of alternative medicine, particularly acupuncture, can give pain relief.get in/ into shape(có thân hình chuẩn) I'm trying to get into shape before summer. I need to get back into shape after the Christmas holiday.keep/stay in shape(giữ dáng (thân hình cân đối)) She's bought an exercise bike to keep in shape.the shape of something(hình dạng của) Those seven bright stars make the shape of a the shape of(Có hình dạng của cái gì) The pool was in the shape of a heart.spread something(lan truyền điều gì) He's using his rap music to spread the message that violence is wrong.spread on/over(lan tỏa điều gì đó) He watched the dark stain spread over the gray carpet.spread to a place(lan tỏa đến một nơi) Revolution quickly spread from France to Italy.

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