Word patterns 14 (Health and fitness)

addicted to
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(nghiện cái gì)
My kids are addicted to video games.
One in seven people is addicted to alcohol or drugs.
Image: addicted to
(cố gắng làm gì)
All attempts to control inflation(sự lạm phát) have failed.
He has failed in three previous attempts to win the world title.
Image: attempt to do something
(hưởng lợi từ)
I feel that I have benefited greatly from her wisdom(/'wizdəm/ sự tinh khôn)
Everyone benefited from the share-out(sự chia nhau) of the profits (lãi nhuận).
Image: benefit from something
(một sự có lợi của)
I've had the benefit of a good education.
He couldn't see the benefit of arguing any longer.
Image: a benefit of something / doing something
(phàn nàn với ai đó về việc gì)
Neighbours complained to the police about the dogs barking.
Annoyed residents have complained to the police.
She complained bitterly about the lack of help she received.
Image: complain (to sb) (about sth/sb doing sth)
(phàn nàn về việc gì)
Several women have complained of sexual harassment(/'hærəsmənt/ sự quấy nhiễu).
The defendant complained of intimidation(sự hăm dọa) during the investigation.
Image: complain of something
(đương đầu với khó khăn)
He wasn't able to cope with the stresses and strains(sự căng thẳng) of the job.
Victims cope with feelings of anxiety, pain, anger, and fear(nỗi sợ).
Image: cope with something / doing
(tim thuốc gì cho ai)
The drug is injected directly into the base of the spine.
Adrenaline was injected into the muscle.
Image: inject something into something/someone
(dẫn đến điều gì)
Eating too much sugar can lead to health problems.
His actions could lead to him losing his job.
The events that led to the start of the First World War
Image: lead to something /(your) doing (result in/cause)
(có lẽ làm gì)
Tickets are likely to be expensive.
The beetles are likely to cause damage.
Image: likely to do something
It is (un)likely that(nó "không" có khả năng là) It looks unlikely that prices will fall. It's hardly likely (that) they'll refuse.need to do something(cần làm gì "chủ động") She needed to go out for a walk. He needs to win this game to stay in the match.need doing something(cần được làm gì :bị động") The house needed painting. This shirt needs washing.in need of(có nhu cầu/cần việc gì) Are you in need of help? I don't know about you but I'm in need of a drink.no need for(không cần) There's no need to buy more food - there's plenty in the fridge. There's no need to yell! Just calm down.operate on somebody/something(phẫu thuật bộ phận gì đó) We will have to operate on his eyes. She died in hospital as surgeons operated on her.to suffer from something(chịu đựng cái gì"điều đau buồng/bệnh tật") Many companies are suffering from a shortage of skilled staff. Road accident victims suffering from shocksuffer something(chịu đựng cái gì) At least he died suddenly and didn't suffer. Victims suffered severe injuries in the accident.tired of (doing) something(mệt mỏi về điều gì) I'm tired of watching television; let's go for a walk. I was getting tired of all her negative remarks(nhận xét).worth (doing) something(xứng đáng làm gì/việc gì) The museum is certainly worth a visit. This idea is well worth considering.worry about sth/sb doing(lo lắng về) You can stay here tonight, so you don't have to worry about walking home in the dark. Never mind—it's nothing to worry about.worry that(lo lắng rằng) I worry that I won't get into college.worried about/by(lo lắng về/bởi) I'm really worried about my brother. We're not too worried by these results.try to do(cố gắng làm gì) What are you trying to do? He tried to control his voice.try sth/sb/doingI tried calling him but there was no answer.try and do something(Cống gắng và làm gì) Try and take some form of daily exercise.

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