Vocabulary 3

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drop a plan
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do sth in time to sth: happen in a rthym which matches other thingshuddletúm tụm lạisquattngồi chòm hỏmhunchlean forwardstoopbend downgrimacenhăn nhósneerchế nhạoscowlcáu kỉnhgrincười toe toétheapchất thành đốngintellectualsthuộc trí tuệexistentialistngười ủng hộ thuyết hiện sinhthe bearer of sththe person who takes sth to the person it is intended forincumbent(adj)đương nhiệmdenizen of a placea person who lives in a place and can be found there regularlywieldsử dụngpreside over a group of peoplechủ trìavail yourself of sthtake advantage of sthput one's foot downuse your authority to stop sth happeningplead with sthbiện hộedeavouring to do sthnỗ lực làm gìaspiring to sthkhao khátsoliciting sth from sbnài xinlong in the toothcó tuổireminiscenceshồi tưởngmementoesitems to remind people of sth they have doneto be destined to happenđược định sẵnirrefutablekhông chối cãi đượcsb is fated to do sthđược định làm gì đóoblivionlãng quênnegligencehờ hữngdisregard for sthlack of interest in sth that is considered importantland up in a place or situationreach unpleasant place/situation or resultsort things into sthphân loạithings fall into catergoriesthey can be divided into those categoriesfor want ofbecause there is a lack ofin the absense of sthwary of sth/sbsuspicious of themto be loath to do sthreluctant to do sthcautious about sthcareful about sthresistant to sthoppose sthsth countsimportant mattersreckon with sthtake sth into considerationsth bear on sthsth signifies sthsettlersfirst people to live or go in a certain place when it has been discovereddeflectlàm chệchveerthay đổi hướng điswerveđi chệchreboundnảy lênimmunizemiễn dịchharbourche giấuforgoingkiêngvetoingbác bỏmeritxứng đángdebunkto expose the falseness of somethingdismantleto take (a machine or structure) apartdeliver onto do what is required by (a promise or pledge)sparsely populatedan area that has few people living in itin this day and agenowadaysgo to the trouble of doing sthmake effort to do sth