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grudgingly (adv)
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springboardMike decided that election to the local council would provide a ________ to a career in national politics. khởi điểm, bước đệmstand comparison withAs a poet, I think she ________ the greatest this century. . có thể so sánh vớiabove the lawWe all have to follow the rules, and none of us is ________ ngoài vòng pháp luậtdisaster strikesWhen disaster ______, organisations such as Oxfam quickly provide help. thiên tai xảy đếnby leaps and boundsThe number of people traveling by air has been growing _______. rất nhanhcondoneDrug-taking is a crime which society simply cannot _________. bỏ qua, tha thứbe scared stiffI was ____________ when I looked down from the top of the cliff. rất sợa closely guarded secretThe whereabouts of the exiled president remains a _________ bí mật được giữ kinmake a standWe should all_________when advertisers attempt to use unfair practices. đáp trảliabilityThe company cannot accept_________for injuries resulting from improper use of rental equipment trách nhiệm pháp lí; tiền nợ, khoản phải trảgo by the bookJack never cheats or tricks anybody when he plays. He always _________ làm đúng qui tắcundermine the confidenceRecent defeats have _________. in himself as a player làm giảm sự tự tinin forcePeople turned out _________to watch the parade on the Independence Day. nhiều, với số lượng lớna feeble excuseNot being able to find my phone number is a pretty_________for not contacting me. lí do không chính đángunder no illusionsWe were _________ about how difficult it would be to achieve our aims. không ảo tưởngexacerbateThe pollution problems in the town have been ___________ by mass tourism in the summer months. làm trầm trọng thêmin a quandaryI'm in a bit of a _________ as to what to wear to the wedding. trong tình thế khó xửthe problem escalateThe problem _________because neither side was prepared to compromise. vấn đề trở nên nghiêm trọng hơnintrinsicallyThe Red Cross is ___________ an international aid organization. thực chấtsighI couldn't stop myself from _________ with boredom during the lecture. thở dàicontain his angerMy brother found it impossible to _________ and started shouting. kìm chế sự giận dữpainstakingFitting together the thousands of fragments of the broken vase was a long and ___________ task. cực nhọcreconcile oneself to sthYou'll just have to _________ yourself to the fact that you can't always have what you want. chấp nhậntide so overThe students had no money left and took out a loan to _________ him over until the end of term. giúp ai vượt qua khó khănscrimp and saveMoney was short and people survived by _________ tiết kiệmpull oneself togetherJane was terribly nervous before the interview but she managed to ________ and act confidently. giữ bình tĩnhprovisionalThis is the _________timetable for the conference. It may change later tạm thờiin the right frame of mindFew people can do creative work unless they are _________ đúng tâm trạngprohibitiveIt was decided that the cost of the project would be _________.and so it was abandoned. expensiveexert oneself:I didn't really feel like memorizing all these definitions. It was only the risk of getting another bad mark that made me _________myself. nỗ lựctimes of austerityIn _________ , unemployment figures usually rise dramatically. giai đoạn khó khăn, suy thoáihinge uponThe delight in treasure finding doesn't always ________acquiring tremendous amounts of valuables. xoay quanhabandonLet's _________ the place, it looks so gloomy and unpleasant . bỏin relationShe used the map to discover where she was ________to her surroundings. liên quan đếnlet sth dropHe__________ that the Prime Minister was a close friend of his. say more about sthno endIt was a fantastic film. I enjoyed it _________ very muchoutgrowWhen the children _________ their toys, I donated them to charity. stop doing sth or lose interest in sth as you become olderin the depths of despairI was ______ before I heard the good news. tuyệt vọngclutter upWhen are we going to get rid of all these empty cartons? They've been _________ the office for weeks now. làm bừa bộnthe pecking orderThe luxurious office accentuated the manager's position in _________. It enhanced his power and his sense of his own worth. And it made other people feel small. Tôn ty, trật tự