Day 5 - LEARN with Phrasal Verbs with Master Vocabulary

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To try very hard to do something or make something happen, especially for a long time, or against difficulties

1. An effective manager strives to listen to their staff.
2. The company strives to provide a great work place.
3. It is important to strive to achieve your goals.
4. Clients of the English Leadership Academy are striving to communicate naturally in English.
(to) stack up against (something/someone) phrasal verbComparing another thing of a similar type. 1. To try to get a new job using English, your new employer will compare how your business English skills stack up against the other job candidates. 2. Unfortunately, revenue this year didn't stack up well against the previous year's revenue. 3. How does the pricing of this new product stack up against our current pricing? 4. We only want to introduce new products that stack up favorably to existing products in the market.