3.2a TEST YOURSELF with The Power of Listening

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overlookedto fail to notice or consider something or someone 1. It is absolutely necessary but often _____________go onto continue happening or doing something as before 1. The real problem in the way, that makes it so hard to listen is that there is so much __________ in our minds. 2. When I was sitting there with President Chavez, what really helped me was that, just beforehand, I had taken a few moments of quiet to pay attention to what was __________ for me. 3. We live in an age we call the Age of Communication. Certainly, with cell phones, texts, tweets, and emails, there is a lot of talking __________. 4. So, Uri, what do you think of the situation _________ here? 5. It had gone on for two and a half years.distractionsomething that prevents someone from giving their attention to something else. 1. But how much listening can there really be with so much interruption and _____________? 2. There is so much noise and ____________ that we don't have the mental and emotional space to be able to truly listen to the other side.passionsomething that you are strongly interested in and enjoy 1. My __________ for the last 30 years has been helping people get to "yes" in very tough negotiationsget toto have an opportunity to do something. 1. My passion for the last 30 years has been helping people ___ ____ "yes" in very tough negotiations. 2. It helps ___ ____ "yes." 3. I firmly believe that we'd ___ ___ 'yes' a lot more often.toughdifficult to do or to deal with 1. My passion for the last 30 years has been helping people get to "yes" in very _______ negotiations.family feudan argument that has existed for a long time between two people, groups, or a family; causing a lot of anger or violence. 1. From ________________ to boardroom battles, from labor strikes to civil wars.boardroomthe room where the group of people who manage a company or organization have meetings 1. From family feuds to ____________ battles, from labor strikes to civil wars. 2. The Financial Times called it perhaps the biggest cross-continental ____________ showdown in recent history.battlea competition or argument between two or more people or organizations for power or control 1. From family feuds to boardroom ___________, from labor strikes to civil wars.boardroom battlesdisagreements or different points of view in a high-level meeting 1. From family feuds to _____________, from labor strikes to civil wars.labor strikea period of time when a group of workers refuses to work because they are not satisfied with their pay, working conditions, etc. 1. From family feuds to boardroom battles, from ________________ to civil wars.I don't hear a lot of listeningthe presenter is using a clever and playful phrase to describe someone making a noise when hearing something I hear a lot of talking, but I ____________________ real ____________.after allused to add information that shows that what you have just said is true 1. ___________, we're given two ears and one mouth for a reason. 2. _________, everybody wants to be heard. 3. What better way, __________, is there for us to teach our children to listen to us than for us to listen to them? 4. Negotiation, ________, is an exercise in influence.