Test 2 - PRM391

Which method perform a single SQL statement that does NOT return result data
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Which attribute will be used in XML if the Java code needs a reference to View?android: idWhen use implicit intents. If there's more than one app that can handle the intent, the system will:presents the user with a dialog to pick which app to useExplicit intents is only used to start activities?trueWhen use a recycler view, before set adapter for the recycler, you musta setLayout ManagerTo share data for other application, the other application must be using_________to access data from content provider.Content uriWhich method use to check permission is granted by user or not?checkSelfPermission()Which method is called first when press to soft back button of android device?destroyActivity()When set small icon for a notification, What happen when we use icon format .xml?a The icon is displayed normally.Explicit intents allows a component from another app to handle ittrueWhich class must be implement to using SQLite database?SQLiteOpenHelperWhich file contain Android permissions for and application?AndroidManifest.xmlHow to pass an object to other activity?object have to implements Serializable, then putExtra object to intentWhich statement is used to launch Main2Activity?this.startActivity(intent);Android: What is value on component's attribute "layout width" and "layout height to display the component big enough to enclose its content only?wrap_contentTo access through the result of database query, we can use class:CursorThe _______ class allows a request for user input to be included in the Pendingintent object along with the intentRemoteInputWhich importance level of notification will make a sound when it appears?High and urgent levelWhich method using to return data from sub-activity to main-activity?public void finish() {}Which statement is used to pass a string to another activity?intent.putExtra("key", "text string");Which mechanism is used at main activity to get the returning data from sub activity?Request code