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Which of the following are true statements about the Android apps? (Choose 2 answers)
A. The bulk of these apps are written in C/C++
B. The bulk of these apps are written in Java
C. It's possible to write portions of the apps in C/C++
D. These apps cannot be written in C/C++
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Use of the video capture intent involves to implementation of code to call the intent activity and a method to handle the return from the activity. The Android built-in video recording intent is represented by
Select one:
Which of following statement is true? Select one: a. When an activity start sub-activity, the sub-activity can send data back by finish() method and activity can get data by onActivityResult() method b. When an activity start sub-activity, the sub-activity can send data back by onFinish() method and activity can get data by onActivityFinish() method c. When an activity start sub-activity, the sub-activity can send data back by finish() method and activity can get data by onFinish() method d. When an activity start sub-activity, the sub-activity can send data back by onFinish() method and activity can get data by ActivityResult() methodADo we need API key for displaying Google Maps in Android? Select one: a. Optional b. Yes c. NoBWhich method perform a single SQL statement that does NOT return result data. Select one: a. doQuery() b. query() c. execSQL() d. rawQuery()CAndroid: Which attribute will be used in XML if the Java code needs a reference to View? Select one: a. android: id b. android: index c. android: gravity d. android: backgroundAA call to the _________ method of the ActivityCompat class will return a true result if the user has previously denied a request for the specified permission, and a false result if the request has not previously been made. Select one: a. shouldShowRequestPermissionRationale() b. isPermissionGranted() c. isPermissionDenied() d. isPermissionGrantedByUser()AWhich method use to check permission is granted by user or not? Select one: a. checkPermission() b. checkSelfPermission() c. checkGrantedPermission() d. checkUserPermission()BWhich one is NOT a multi-windows mode? Select one: a. Freeform mode b. Split-screen mode c. Picture-in-picture mode d. Separate modeDWhich multi-windows mode make two activities appear either side by side or one above the other. Select one: a. Split-screen mode b. Freeform mode c. Picture-in-picture mode d. None of othersAAndroid: What is value on component's attribute "layout_width" and "layout_height" to display the component big enough to enclose its content only? Select one: a. wrap_content b. None of others c. fill_parent d. match_parentAWhich class must be implement to using SQLite database? Select one: a. SQLiteDatabase b. SQLiteDataHandler c. SQLiteHandler d. SQLiteOpenHelperDThe ____________ class provide a set of controls allowing the user to manage the playback such as pausing and seeking backwards/forwards in the video timeline. Select one: a. PlaybackController b. MediaController c. VideoControllerBWhich of the following are types of Android intent broadcast mechanisms? (Choose 2 answers) A. Dynamic B. Ordered C. Static D. NormalACIf you have embedded the Google Maps API into your Android application but it does not show the map when the application is loaded, what could be the likely reasons? Select one: a. Missing INTERNET permission in the AndroidManifest.xml file b. All of others c. No Internet connection d. Incorrect placement of the <uses-library> element in the AndroidManifest.xml fileBWhich class use enable or disable user gesture like zoom in, zoom out, rotate map and scroll on Google map? Select one: a. MapGesture b. UiSettings c. MapController d. UiControllerBChoose the right answer to fill in blank To develop your own service in Android, which of the following step you need to do? Step 1. extends Service based class Step 2. ......(blank).............. Select one: a. implements onStartCommand, onBind, onUnbind, onRebind methods b. implements onBind, onUnbind, onRebind, onCreate, onDestroy methods c. implements onStartCommand, onBind, onUnbind, onRebind, onCreate, onDestroy methods d. implements onCreate, onDestroy methodsCWhich method is NOT an override method of class ContentProvider? Select one: a. insert() b. update() c. select() d. delete()CWhich class use to display the Storage Access Framework picker user interface to the user and let user open or create a file? Select one: a. Storage b. File c. Intent d. FilterCWhich class use to play audio in Android? Select one: a. SoundPlayer b. MusicPlayer c. MediaPlayer d. AudioPlayerCWhich type of Google map display the standard view consisting of the classic road map? Select one: a. GoogleMap.MAP_TYPE_NONE b. GoogleMap.MAP_TYPE_HYBRID c. GoogleMap.MAP_TYPE_NORMAL d. GoogleMap.MAP_TYPE_TERRAIN e. GoogleMap.MAP_TYPE_SATELLITECThe difference between SQLite and Content provider is: Select one: a. Content provider is not a local database and SQLite is a local database. b. Content provider is faster that SQLite. c. Content provider can share data with other application but SQLite cannot. d. SQLite can share data with other application but content provider cannotCIntent service can not concurrent handle multiple calls A.true B.falseBBackground Process is lowest A.true B.falseBThe time-consuming operations should be implement in main thread A.true B.falseBWhat are location providers in Android? a. Gps wifi b. Gps network c. 3g network d. 3g...bA bound service must, at a minimum, implement the which method? A.onBind() B.onDestroy C.onCreate() D.onStart()AWhich one is Not an Android service? A.Binder Service B.Local c.Intent D.RemoteAThread handlers are implemented in the main thread of application and are primarily used to make updates to the ___ in response to messages sent by other threads running within the application 's process A process B data C user interface D threadCIn android, which manifest permission is needed when use GPS location. A<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION"/>AWhat method is used to send a broadcast event?Select one: a. sendBroadcast(intent); b. startBroadcast(intent); c. registerBroadcast(intent); d. sendBroadcastReceiver(intent);AWhat class do you have to inherit from to be a broadcast receiver?Select one: a. Broadcast b. BroadcastReceiver c. AbstractBroadcast d. BroadcasterBWhat are the inputs to the onReceive() method of a broadcast receiver?Select one: a. Context, Intent b. Activity, Intent c. Context, Bundle d. Context, ActivityAWhat is broadcast receiver?Select one: a. Intercept the events from a user's interaction with your application b. The interactive components in your app's user interface c. Represents a behavior or a portion of user interface in an activity d. A component that does nothing but receive and react to broadcast announcementsDRepresents a behavior or a portion of user interface in an activitySelect one: a. Fragment b. Activity c. Layout d. ViewAWhat is a Fragment?Select one: a. A fragment is a part or portion of an activity b. All of these c. A fragment is modular in a sense that you can move around or combine with other fragments in a single activity d. Fragments are also reusableBIf the user leaves a task for long timeSelect one: a. System clears an activity and retain state of all other activities b. System is independent of activities c. System will retain the tasks state until closed explicitly d. System will clear task of activities except root activitydWhat is not a service?Select one: a. Intercept the events from a user's interaction with your application b. Like an activity, it has lifecycle methods that you can implement to monitor changes in its state. c. It is a program that can run in the background for an indefinite period d. Service is another building block of android application it does not provide a UIawhat is Activtiy? a. Activity is the basic building block of every visible android application .b. Its provides the means to render a UI . c. Every screen in an application is an activity by itself . d. Though they work together to present an application sequence , each activity is an independent entity . e. All of theseE_________, you actually specify the activity that is required to respond to the intents. a. Explicit Intent b. Implicit Intenta................., you just declare an intent and leave it to the platform to find an activity that can respond to the intent. a. Explicit Intent b. Implicit IntentbPending Intents can be created of three types except: a. getActivity(Context, int, Intent, int); b. getBroadcast(Context, int, Intent, int); c. getPendingIntent(Context, int, Intent, int); d .getService(Context, int, Intent, int);cIn master/detail flow, an interface design concept contain a list of items that display to user is called Select one: a. Items list b. Detail list c. Master list d. Flow listcAn application listens for specific broadcast intents by registering a _______________?Select one: a. BroadcastListener b. BroadcastReceiver c. BroadcastDetector d. None of the othersbWhich one is NOT an interpolator of android transition? Select one: a. CycleInterpolator b. FadeInterpolator c. AnticipateInterpolator d. BounceInterpolatorbWhen a project connected to Firebase project, a file will have been added to the Android Studio project. What's the file name? Select one: a. google-services.json b. build.gradle c. firebase-service.json d. google-fiebase.jsonaWhich method using to return data from sub-activity to main-activity?Select one: a. public void receiveData() { } b. public void returnData() {} c. protected void onActivityResult( int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data){ } d. public void finish() {}dIntentService can concurrently handle multiple callsSelect one: A True B FalsebWhich method is used for transition between two scenes? Select one: a. TransitionManager.go(scene2); b. constraintSet.applyTo(myLayout); c. TransitionManager.applyTo(scene2) d. TransitionManager.beginDelayedTransition(myLayout);aWhich statement is used to pass a string to another activity? Select one: a. intent.putExtra("key", "text string"); b. intent.putExtras("key", "text string"); c. intent.putData("key", "text string"); d. intent.putString("key", "text string");aWhich configuration will add firebase plugin for gradle? Select one: a. compile '' b. classpath '' c. apply plugin: ''cWhich level of android API version that notification can make a direct reply? Select one: a. API level 24 or higher b. API level 20 or higher c. API level 7 or higher d. API level 27 or highercWhich class content model of item in Master/Detail flow? Select one: a. ItemContainer b. DummyItem c. Items d. ItemModelbThe ________ is a button which appears to float above the surface of the user interface of an app and is generally used to promote the most common action within a user interface screen. Select one: a. floating action button b. common button c. action button d. image buttonaWhich mechanism is used at main activity to get the returning data from sub activity? Select one: a. Request code b. Explicit intent c. Broadcast receiver d. Implicit intentaMaterial design make up the ________ of Android and the apps that run on it appear and behave in a certain way in terms of behavior, shadowing, animation and styles Select one: a. layout b. user interface c. activity d. performancebWhich transition using to animate the change of views within one scene?Select one: a. Transition between scenes b. Activity transition c. Delaye d transitioncWhich class can launch an activity from a notification? Select one: a. RemoteInput b. Action c. Intent d. PendingIntentdWhich view display the content of tabs in tab layout? Select one: a. TabLayout b. TabPage c. TabPager d. ViewPagerdWhich data field can send a data with key-value to user in Firebase notification Select one: a. Custom data b. Advance options c. Notification text d. Notification titlebWhich statement is used to launch Main2Activity? Select one: a. intent.startActivity(intent); b. intent.startActivity(Main2Activity); c. this.startActivity(intent); d. this.startActivity(Main2Activity.class)cWhich is NOT an effect of activity transition Select one: a. Fade b. Explode c. Slide d. BouncedRecyclerView provides a choice of three built-in layout: Select one: a. FrameLayout, GridLayout, ConstraintLayout b. LinearLayout, FrameLayout, StaggredGridLayout c. ConstraintLayout, GridLayout, Staggre dGridLayoutd. LinearLayout, GridLayout, StaggredGridLayoudWhich activity template already contain floating action button when created Select one: a. Master/Detail flow activity b. Empty activity c. Login activity d. Basic activitdWhich importance level of notification will make a sound when it appears? Select one: a. Medium and higher level b. High and urgent level c. Only high level d. Only urgent levelbWhich one is NOT an Android service? Select one: a. Binder service b. Local bound service c. Intent service d. Remote bound serviceaThread handlers are implemented in the main thread of an application and are primarily used to make updates to the ___________ in response to messages sent by other threads running within the application's process. Select one: a. process b. data c. user interface d. threadcThe _____________ is a panel that slides out from the left of the screen and contains a range of options available for selection by the user Select one: a. navigation panel b. navigation drawer c. side bar d. side panelbIn Android notification, the ___________ class allows a request for user input to be included in the Pending Intent object along with the intent Select one: a. NotificationCompact b. NotificationCompat.Action c. NotificationManager d. RemoteInputdWhat is not Components of a Screen? Select one: a. Fragment b. Activity c. Layout d. Viewb'Screen has turned off' is an example a) Normal broadcast b) Ordered broadcast c) background operation d) NoneaWhat operating system is used as the base of the Android stack? | Android A. Linux B. Windows C. Java D. XMLaTo create an emulator, you need an AVD. What does it stand for? | Android A. Android Virtual Display B. Android Virtual Device C. Active Virtual Device D. Application Virtual DisplaybWhich of the following is/are appropriate for saving the state of an Android application? Select one: a. Activity.onPause() b. Activity.onDestroy() c. Activity.onFreeze() d. Activity.onStop()aWhat are the four essential states of an activity? Select one: a. active, paused, closed and destroyed b. active, paused, stopped and cancelled c. active, paused, stopped and destroyed d. active, waiting, stopped and destroyedcThe intents can communicate messages among any of the three core components of an application: Select one: a. activities, services, broadcast receivers b. activities, services, content providers c. activities, broadcast receivers, content providers d. services, broadcast receivers, content providersaWhich of the following is NOT a life-cycle methods of an Activity?Select one: a. onCreate b. onRestart c. onResume d. onInitdWhen is the onStop() method invoked? Select one: a. When an activity process is killed or completed terminated b. When an activity is at foreground c. When an activity is at the background and still visible d. When an activity is no longer visible to the userdHow to set data for a Spinner control? Select one:a. Use method setAdapter() b. Use method setData() c. Use function addView() d. Define in XML fileaWhat is contained within the Layout xml file? Select one: a. The code which is compiled to run the app b. The strings used in the app c. The permissions required by the app d. Orientations and layouts that specify what the display looks likedThe root element of AndroidManifest a. acition b.application c.activity d.manifestd_ represents a single user lntedace screen Select one: a. View b. Fragment c. Layout d. ActivitydWhat is the use oi AndroldManltest.xml file? Select one: a. All of others b. It declares the minimum level of the Android API that the application requlres. c. lt facilitates to provide a unique name lor the applicatlon d. It describes the components of the appllcatlonaSpecify the directory name where the XML layout files are stored: Select one: a. /src b. /assets c ./res/layout d. /res/valuescThe basic buildlng element of Android's user interface is called: Select one: a. View b. ViewGroup c. Fragment d. LayoutaWhat is the name of the class which is inherited to create a user intertace screen? Select one: a. activity b. ViewGroup c. None of these d. viewaAndroid is based on which kernel? Select one: a. MAC kernel b. Hybrid Kernel c. Windows kernel d. Linux kerneldif you wantto increase the whitespace between widgets. you will need to use the _____ property Select one: a. Android:margin b.Android:autoText c. Android:text-align d. Android:distanceaWhich of the following holds Java source code for the application? Select one: a. /res b. /bin c. /assets d. /srcdTo report progress of the work executed by an AsyncTask, what callback method do you implement, and what method do you call in your AsyncTask subclass? A.Implement publishProgress().Call publishProgress(). B.Implement publishProgress().Call onProgressUpdate(). C.Implement onProgressUpdate().Call publishProgress(). D.Implement onProgressUpdate().Call onProgressUpdate().cWhich constructor method do you use to create a new explicit Intent? A. new Intent() B. new Intent(Context context, Class<?> class) C. new Intent(String action, Uri uri) D. new Intent(String action)Bwhich of the following statements are true for an "implicit" intent?A. The category must not be specifiedB. The name must not be specifiedC. The action must not be specifiedD. The data must not be specifiedBWhich folder is for XML files that contains strings, integers, and colors? A. res/layout B. res/mipmap C. res/raw D. res/valuesDWhich parameter specifies the Android API level that Gradle should use compile your app? A. minSdkVersion B. compileSdkVersion C. targetSdkVersion D. testSdkVersionBWhich of the following correctly describe what an intent is in Android? A. A message that provides a screen within which users can interact in order to do something B. A component that runs in the background to perform long-running operations or access remote resources C. An event handler that responds to system-side boardcast announcements D. A message that describes an action to perform or an event that has occurredDWhat is mean by ANR? A. Application not Recognized B. Android not recognized C. Application Not Responding D. None of these otherscWhich of the following are reasons why the SQLite query() method returns a Cursor? A. It allows buffering of query results It is efficient since all data needn't be loaded into memory B. It is efficent since data needn't be loaded into memory C. It ensures that query results are right D. It alleviates the need to explicitly call close() on the CursodWhich of the following is NOT true about fragments? A. A fragment has its own lifecycle and receives its own input events. B. It is not possible to remove a fragment while the activity is running. C. A fragment is defined in a Kotlin class. D. A fragment's Ul is defined in an XML layout filebWhat is the difference between themes and styles? A. Themes apply to the entire app, while you can apply styles to specific views B. Themes cannot inlarit from other themes, but styles can inherit from other styles. C. Styles cannot inherit from other styles, but themes can inherit from other themes. D. Themes are provided by the Android system, while styles are defined by the developer.aWhich permission should Android app use when the app wants to track phone's precise location? A. android.permission ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION B. android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION C. android.permission.ACCESS_LOCATION D. android.permission. INTERNETBWhich Intent action do you use to take a picture with a camera app?A. Intent takePicture=new Intent(Intent ACTION VIEW); B. Intent takePicture = new Intent(Intent.ACTION MAIN); C. Intent takePicture = new Intent(MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE); D. Intent takePicture = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT)cWhich control works as a dropdownlist in Android? A. ComboBox B. List C. Spinner D. DropListcWhat is contained within the manifest xml file? A. The permissions the app require B. The list of strings used in the app C. The source code D. LayoutaWhich source of documentation is the official documentation for Android developers? A. B. C. D. is the name of the layout file for the main activity? A. B. AndroidManifest.xml C. activity_main.xml D. build.gradlecHow to store heavy structured data in android? A. Shared Preferences B. Cursor C. SQlite database D. Not possiblecWhich component is used to open an Activity when user taps a notification? A. Icon that represents the action B. Title that describes the action C. Action button D. PendingIntent that's sent when the user taps the action buttodIn order to open screenB from screenA and receive data from screenB, which sentence should we use? A. startActivityForResult. B. startActivity C. startActivities D. startActivity ResultaWhich component handle background processing associated with an application? A. Activities B. Services C. Broadcast Receivers D. Content ProvidersbWhich of the following don't have any UI component and run as a background process? A. services B. simulator C. Emulator D. IntentaWhich of the following statements is true about ViewHolder? A. An adapter can use multiple ViewHolder classes to hold headers and various types of data. B. You can have exactly one view holder for data and one view holder for a header. C. A RecyclerView supports multiple types of headers, but the data has to be uniform. D. When adding a header, you subclass RecyclerView to insert the header at the correct positionaWhich of the following should be used to save the unsaved data and release resources being used by Android application? A. Activity onStop() B. Activity onDestroy() C. Activity onPause() D. Activity on Shutdown()bWhich tag is used to define themes? A. <style> B. <theme> C. <meta-tag> D. <styling>aWhich changes are made when you add a second Activity to your app by choosing File> New > Activity and an Activity template? A. The second Activity is added as a Java class. You still need to add the XML layout file. B. The second Activity XML layout file is created and a Java class added. You still need to define the class signature. C. The second Activity is added as a Java class, the XML layout file is created, and the AndroidManifest.xml file is changed to declare a second Activity. D. The second Activity XML layout file is created, and the AndroidManifest.xml file is changed to declare a second Activity.cWhich buttons does the Basic Activity template provide as part of the UI? A. Navigation buttons B. Options menu overflow button C. Floating action button D. Button class button with the text "Button"bWhich method is used to add a marker to google maps? A. setMarker B. addMarker C. setPoint D. addPoinbWhich lifecycle method is called to make an activity visible? A. onPause() B. onVisible() C. onDestroy() D. onStart()dWhich constructor method do you use to create an implicit Intent to launch a camera app? A. new Intent() B. new Intent(Context context, Class<?> class) C. new Intent(String action, Uri uri) D. new Intent(String actiondWhich of the following statements accurately reflect what happens when a user enters text via the Android virtual keyboard? A. The onStart() hook method is called back and the activity becomes visible B. The onResume() hook method is called back to return UI focus for this screen. C. The UI focus is unchanged and no lifecycle hook methods are called D. A new activity is started and its onCreate() hook method is calledaWhat are the two key things Retrofit needs to build a web-services API? A. The base URI for the web service and a GET query B. The base URI for the web service and a converter factory C. A network connection to the web service and an authorization token D. A converter factory and a parser for the responsebPuppose you want to create an app that has a white background, dark text, and a dark action bar. Which base style does your application style inherit from? A. Theme.AppCompat Light B. Theme.AppCompat Dark NoActionBar C. Theme.AppCompat.Light.DarkActionBar D. Theme AppCompat NoActionBarWhich is NOT state and activity? Select one: a. Active b. Paused c: Stored d. StoppedcPaused is used Select one: a. If the activity is not visible b. It the activity is at the background and still visible c. It the activity is at the foreground d. lithe activity is at the foreground and visiblecWhich oi following is NOT a lllecycie method at and activity? Select one: a. onPause() b. onResume() c. onRecreate() d. onDestroy()cWhat is NOT an activity lifetime? Select one: a. Entire lifetime b. Visible lifetime c. Background lifetime d. Foreground lifetimecWhich one is NOT a constraint in Constrainttaywt? Select one: a. chains b. chain styles c. constraint d. marginbWhich one is NOT an Android layout? Select one: a. GridLayout b. RectangieLayout c. FrameLayout d. ConstraintLayoutbWhich one is make the size of an element in the layout fit with the children of its? Select one: a. Fixed b. Match-parent c. Wrap-content d. WrapconstraintcWhich is NOT a callback method for an event listener select one: a. onClickedListener() b. onTouchListener() c. onLongCLickedListener() d. onClickListener()aWhich statement is used to launch MainActivlty? Select one: a. this.startActivity(Main2Activity.class); b. intent.startActivity(intent); c. intent.startActivity(Main2Activity); d. this.startActity(intent);dWhich method using to return data from sub-actlvity to main-activity? Select one: a. public void finish(){}; b. public void receiveData(){}; c. public void returnData(){}; d. protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCod,. intent data){};aTo register a broadcast receiver use AndroidManifestxml file a. True b. FalseaIntercept the events from a user's interaction with your application is ____ a. Input Events b. Input controls c. Broadcast d. BroadcastReceivera__________ are the interactive components in your app's user interface a. Input Events b. Input controls c. Broadcast d. BroadcastReceiverb_________________ are used to register activity, services, broadcast receiver as being capable of performing an action on a particular kind of actions. a. register b. Intents filter c. Intentsbwhich ways data stored in android? a. Shared preferences b. Internal storage c. External storage d. Sqlite database e. Network connetion f. All of thesefUser interface types? a. Views, Notifications. b. Activity, Views. c. Activity, Notifications. d. Views, Fragment.aHow do you find any view element into your program? a. Findviewbyname b. Findviewbyid c. Findviewbyclass d. FindviewbyelementbAndroid MapActivity is a.Base class with code to manage the boring necessities of any activity that displays a MapViewaHow do you programmatically determine whether a RadioButton is checked? a.You should check the isChecked() methodaHow do you access the string resource stored in the strings.xml file? a.You can use the getResources() methodaIntent mylntent = new Intent(IntentACTION_VIEW"")); startActivity(myIntent): a.myIntent is implicit IntentaAndroid: Is a dialog always created and displayed as a part of an Activity? a.yes b.noaWhat is NotificationManager class? a.The NotificationManager class is used to display notifications on the device's STATUS BARaIn Android, which class is used to makes http connection a.HttpURLConnectionaIntent myIntent = new Intent(this. ActivityTwo.class); a.myIntent is explicit IntentaIf the action is ACTION_CALL. what the data field would be? A. URI with the number to callaWhat are 2 ways a Service can run? A. Bounded and UnboundedaWhich permission needed in order to use MapActivity a. <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />aIn Android, which is two location providers that you can use to obtain your position data a. LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER and LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDERaWhich of the following are elements in an Android intent? (Choose 3 answers) A. Data B. Action C. URL D. Extras E. FlagsABEWhich of the following function calls can be used to start a Service from your Android application? (Choose 2 answers) A. bindService B. startService C. runService D. launchServiewABAndroid Architecture Components provide some convenience annotations for DAOS. Which of the following are available? (Choose 4 answers) A. @Query B. @Insert C. @Delete D. @Update E. @SelectABCDWhich of the following are methods in the activity and fragment lifecycles? (Choose 3 answers) A. onCreate() B. onDraw() C. onClick() D. onStart() E. onPause()ADEWhat are the advantages of using a Room database? (Choose 3 answers) A. Creates and manages an Android SQLite database for you. B. Eliminates a lot of boilerplate code. C. Helps you manage multiple applications. D. Using a DAO, provides a mechanism for mapping Java methods to database queriesABDWhich of the following are Ul elements that you can use in a window in an Android application? (Choose 2 answers) A. TextBox B. TextView C. EditText D. LabelViewBCWhich of the following are true statements about implicit and explicit intent? (Choose 3 answers) A. Android delivers an explicit intent to a target component without consulting filters in the AndroidManifest.xml file B. Implicit intents are typically used to interact with components residing in other apps C. Explicit intents are typically used to interact with components residing in other apps D. Android delivers an implicit intent to a target component only if it matches one of its intent filters in the AndroidManifest.xml fileABDHow does RecyclerView display items? (Choose 3 answers) A. It displays items in a list or a grid. B. It scrolls vertically or horizontally. C. It scrolls diagonally on larger devices, such as tablets. D. It allows custom layoutsABDHow do you add a query option to a REST web-service call in Retrofit? (Choose 2 answers) A. Append the query to the end of the request URL B. Add a parameter for the query to the function that makes the request and annotate the parameter with @Query. C. Use the Query class to build a request. D. Use the addQuery() method in the Retrofit builderABWhat are components in Room? (Choose 3 answers) A. Entity B. DatabaseHelper C. Repository D. DAOACDTo check a feature is available on system as camera or micro phone, we can use which method? a. PackageManager.systemFeatureOnReady() b. PackageManager.hasSystemFeature() c. PackageManager.systemFeatureAvaiable() d. None of othersbWhich of the following correctly describe benefits that an intent provides to apps in Android? (Choose 2 answers) A. An intent manages secure access to structured data B. An intent simplifies app development since existing components can be reused as "black-boxes" C. An intent is the "glue that helps integrate Android apps D. An intent defines the smallest unit of execution for sequences of programmed instructionsBCWhen in the Activity lifecycle is onSavelnstanceState() called? A. onSavelnstanceState() is called before the onStop() method. B. onSavelnstanceState() is called before the onResume() method. C. onSavelnstanceState() is called before the onCreate() method. D. onSavelnstanceState() is called before the onDestroy() methodASuppose you want to create an app that has a white background, dark text, and a dark action bar. Which base style does your application style inherit from? A. Theme.AppCompat Light B. Theme.AppCompat Dark NoActionBar C. Theme.AppCompat.Light.DarkActionBar D. Theme AppCompat NoActionBar