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(n) lời câm chọc, lời mỉa mai
I detected a touch of sarcasm in his remarks.
Image: sarcasm
mỉa mai châm biến
Her tone was faintly sarcastic.
Image: sarcastic
mỉa mai, châm biếm
an ironic comment
Image: ironic
làm mất yên tĩnh, làm náo động, quấy rầy
I'm sorry to disturb you, but can I talk to you for a moment?
Image: to disturb
nổi bật, quan trọng
He played a prominent part in the campaign.
Image: prominent
clear; easily seen
The commitment to local products is equally evident on the restaurant's wine list.
Image: evident = obvious
hạn chế, giới hạn
Speed is restricted to 30 mph in towns.
Image: to restrict
connected with breathing
the respiratory system
respiratory diseases
Image: respritory
bệnh hen suyễn
Image: asthma
sự tắc nghẽn
nasal congestion
traffic congestion and pollution
Image: congestion
throat inflammationviêm họngcardiovascular systemhệ tim mạchemissionsự thải ra the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmospheredepletionsự suy giảm, cạn kiệt The greatest ozone depletion occurred near the poles.

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