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đi xuống, giảm sút
The business was on a downward path, finally closing in 2019.
Image: downward
(n) sự chuyển dời, chuyển dịch
the largest displacement of civilian population since World War Two
Image: Displacement
hướng lên, đi lên
The long-term trend in foreign direct investment is upward.
Image: upward
làm dịu đi, làm yếu đi, làm giảm bớt
The storm showed no signs of abating.
Image: to abate
chuyên về
The shop specializes in hand-made chocolates.
Image: specialize in
a big change that causes a lot of worry and problems
Teachers are still getting used to the latest upheavals in the education system.
Image: upheaval
​necessary for a particular purpose
She lacks the requisite experience for the job.
Image: requisite
not supporting or helping either side in a disagreement,
I didn't take my father's or my mother's side; I tried to remain neutral.
Image: neutral
hoài nghi, đa nghi
I am skeptical about his chances of winning.
Image: skeptical

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