unit 1

1. Most people try to deal with these events in secret. which only _____ the impression of _____ . (FORCE / SHAME)
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11. Scientists are stil studying ____ carefully to see if they can alert us to a possible bigger earthquake. (SHOCK)foreshocks12. The earthquake and its ___ _____ many rocks and mines, sending them tumbling onto roads once considered safe. (SHOCK / LODGE)aftershocks, dislodged13. The fish sometimes leap into the air and smack into ____ boaters. (SUSPECT)unsuspecting14. Seeing her again would be an ____ experience after so many years. (SET)upsetting15. The country is bracing itself for the ___ of winter, with ternperatures expected to plumet tomorrow and hover just above freezing on December 25. (SET)onset16. ___ we planned to conduct our research together. (SET)From the outset17. When the lens is ___ inside the fixture, the light is directed where it is needed. (SET).inset18. Whats the ___ in your family = who does the cooking? // He đidn† steal the goods. lt was a ___. (SET)set-up19. A £70m ___ is included in a 48% rise in its provisions for bad and doubtful debts. (SET)set-aside20. Small companies are less likely to be ____ so ____ in a single sector are more likely to wipe them out. (DIVERSE / SET)diversified , setbacks21. The ___ sins of oppressed people may include ___, passivity and complicity in their own oppression. (SET / DENY)besetting, self-denial22. The point is that you need to think clearly and ___ about this situation. (EMOTION)unemotionally23. History paints a vivid picture of disparity and ____ between Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman. (SIMILAR)dissimilarity24. Study questions that will allow the student to assess how well they are ___ the information are included at the end of each chapter. (SIMILAR)assimilating28. These two related tribes of people gradually ___ over time. (SIMILAR)dissimilated26. Scott was an odd combination of macho ___ and super-cautious ____. (DEVIL / WORRY)daredevil, worrywart27. He filled these interiors with __ tools of the given trade, all ___ crafted by hís own hands. (DIMINISH / PAIN)diminutive , painstakingly28. These books are writlen by experts who teach you the ____ as quickly and as ___ as possible. (FOUND / PAIN)fundamentals , painlessly29. The body produces chemicals that are natural . (PAIN)painkillers30. No other vehicle was involved and the lorry driver was ___ , but ___ were reported as traffic was reduced to a single lane. (INJURE / TAIL)uninjured, tailbacks31. This state of mind continued with some ____ for several months and the conflict of my feelings operated ___ upon my health. (ABATE / INJURE)abatement, injuriously32. Although ___ to fish when applied at the recommended rate, an __ application can still contribute to a fish kill. (INJURE / HERB)non-injurious, herbicide33. Being a professional footballer, you get touch physical contact, thus becoming ___. (INJURE)injury-prone34, She saw flaws that normally would have gone ____ . (NOTICE)unnoticed35. You can cook with them or use them ____ , but don't ___ their powers. (MEDICINE / ESTIMATE)medicinally, underestimate36. When he woke up from his long, ___ sleep, he could hardly talk. (MEDICINE)medicated37. Many iliegal immigrants rety on ____ or home remedies. (MEDICINE)self-medication38. Unless you have dandruff or another scalp condition, | recommend that you use an ____ shampoo. (MEDICINE)unmedicated39. If I'd taken his strange ___ seriously, | might have been prepared to deal with the loss. (WARN)forewarnings40. The man was crying out in pain, his arm twisted ___ . (NATURE)unnaturally41. She is said to have ____ powers and to be able to communicate with the dead. (NATURE)supernatural42. My 4-year-old niece seems ____ mature. (NATURE)preternaturally43. She has lived in Australia for a long time, and recently she was ___ . (NATURE)naturalized44. Friends who live far apart geographically were brought together to ____ discuss mutual interests or angrily denounce differing tastes. (NATURE)good-naturedly45. Patients are complimentary about the cleanliness and ___ of the hospital. (ORDER)orderliness46. It's a ____ sort of a house with books and papers lying around everywhere. (ORDER)disorderly47. For many years, ___ have been tracing the origins of domesticated wheat. (GENE)geneticists48. Organisms that have been altered ___ by such means are said to be transformed and after transformation they are ___ . (GENE / GENE)genetically , transgenic49. Tracing relations through only the father or the mother provides a way to relate more distant groups ___. (GENE)genealogically50. His schools had only seen his ___ at literacy and missed his outstanding grasp of the visual. (HOPE)hopelessness51. Over a thousand young ___ went to the Theatre Royal today to audition for a part in the new musical. (HOPE)hopefuls52. He's a real/total ___ - he'll never achieve anything. (HOPE)no-hoper53. Languages are becoming extinct at an alarming rate which makes language ____ the area of the greatest current concem to linguists. (DANGEROUS)endangerment54. After two years of trying, | had to conclude that for me, Japanese was actually an ____ language. (LEARN)unlearnable55. Microwaves have come a long way since the days when their main uses were ___ meat and heating up __ . (FROST / LEAVE)defrosting , leftovers56. The system to apply for benefits is ___ complex. (NIGHT)nightmarishly57. Police believe teenage ___ are hacking into the wireless frequency of a ____ speaker to tell potential customers they are too fat for fast food. (PRANK / DRIVE)pranksters , drive-through58. Dan's ____ teacher is always in favour of Britain, its people and culture. (BRITAIN)pro-British59. His recent ___ behavior keeps me wondering whether there is something wrong going on. (TYPE)atypical60. His latest book reflects the old ____ with gender and religion that ____ much of his work. (OCCUPY / TYPE)preoccupations , typify61. He always gets ____ as the villain. (TYPE)typecast62. Errors by proofreaders and ____ had leaked into some texts. (TYPE)typesetters63. Your thesis should be presented in ____ . (TYPE)typescript64, He is the ______ of the successful businessman. (TYPE)archetype65. And she will soon ____ on the screen better than | type on a keyboard. (TYPE)touch-type66. Our first ____ digital camera appeared back in 1976. (TYPE)prototype67. Being ____ and aggressive are characteristics ___ associated with men. (NOSE / TYPE)hard-nosed, stereotypically68. Marital researchers and therapists began developing __ in the early 1960s to uncover 'natural' groupings of married couples. (TYPE)typologies= a system of diving things into diff types69. He clearly and __ speaks of his relations with the others, and of the honour and recognition they accorded him. (RESERVE)unreservedly70. This attempts to ___ a few myths, correct a few ------ and enlighten us as to certain events that were omitted from the original book. (BUNK / ACCURATE)debunk, inaccuracies71. We've spent so much time together that we've picked up each other's ____ . (MANNER)mannerisms72. It was quite rude and ____ of you to make them wait on you. (MANNER)ill-mannered73. In this poor and ____ environment, his younger brother became a heroin addict. (CULTURE)uncultured74, Americans are ____ to being cagey about our personal wealth and income, but a little transparency might serve us all better. (CULTURE)acculturated75. My husband suggested we do a little bit of ____ and introduce our single friends. (MATCH)matchmaking76. For years they have enjoyed a standard of living ____ by any other country in Europe. (MATCH)unmatched77. The ___ of his writing, far from being ___ or severe, is ____ eloquent. (BRIEF / TACIT / MATCH)brevity, taciturn, matchlessly78. | noticed that this usually social young man was ____ silent. (CHARACTER)uncharacteristically79. Critics of the novel tend to see it as full of interesting ideas but its writing as dry, _____ , difficult, as well as scientifically implausible at points. (CHARACTER-DESCRIBE)characterless - nondescript80. The film's ___ of the artist as a complete drunk has annoyed a lot of people. (CHARACTER)characterization81. Emest Rutherford __ that his work on _____ substances would be of little or no practical use. (OPINION /ACT)opined , radioactive82. The man is ambitious, arrogant, ____ , and has a ___vision that he alone is right, and that everyone else is wrong. (OPINION / BLINKER)self-opinionated, blinkered83. Long and _____ work hours have led to ___ and frustration. (PREDICT / BURN)unpredictable , burnout84. Our expansion plans will have to be ___ in the current economic climate. (BURN)back-burnered85. As a result, evidence of depression is often ___ in ill or disabled ppl who are suicidal, and some __ ill or disabled person experience pressure to refuse life-prolonging medical treatment. (LOOK / CURE)overlooked , incurably86. The United States is a very attractive market, easy to access by____ vessels and river barges. (OCEAN-SEA)ocean-going (oceangoing) - seagoing87. We rented a house on the ___ for the summer. (OCEAN-SEA)oceanfront - seafront88. The difference between adjacent water bodies allows physical __ to calculate rates of water movement in the deep sea. (OCEAN)oceanographers89. ____ arguments raged over the legitimacy of his custom-made body suit, and whether he would wear the full outfit or some ____ version. (TERMINAL / CUT)Interminable , cut-down90. The remaining ___ is in the form of ___ provided by Susan Clark and Brad Savage who, truth be told, don't even appear to be in the same room. (COMMENT / CUT)commentary , cut-ins91. 2,500 g is the standard ___ below which infants are categorized as 'low birthweight. (CUT)cut-off92. His characters are cardboard___ who express whichever motive the writer decides is necessary. (cut)cutouts (cut-outs)93, Scrapping of price fixing legislation led to ___ battle fr supermarket customers. (CUT)cut-throat94, Unfortunately there is no___ answer tothe problem of immigration. (CUT)cut-and-dried (cut-and-dry)95. Its hard to believe Ella was a ___ in school - she's so polite now. (CUT)cutup96. The video simply features the band playing the song from beginning to the end, with no ___ . (CUT)cutaways97. Schools and hospitals will need to be prepared for sharp ____ in public spending. (CUT)cutbacks98. Shares were up by 4, buoyed by his ____ management style. (CUT)cut-and-thrust99. Official estimates say there could be 30 000 ____ on UK roads. (CUT)cut-and-shuts100. ___ diamonds are worth less than those that have been cut and shaped. (CUT)Uncut101. Dishes and ___ were scattered on kitchen tables, __ beds gaped, just as their occupants had abandoned them. (CUT / MAKE)cutlery, unmade102. The travel company offers ___ trips that won't damage the environment. (GUILT)guiltfree103. They've been ___ me into sampling other coffees from locally-owned businesses, but nothing can match the taste of the coffee I've now grown to love, (GUILTY)guilt-tripping104, The village is a major tourist attraction and can be ____ crowded in midsummer. (PLEASE)unpleasantly108. Employees have publicly crtcized the company's plans, much to the ___ of the management. (PLEASE)displeasure106. After exchanging ____ , the delegation revealed the purpose of their visit. (PLEASE)pleasantries108. The cold, raw temperatures of late January only added to the general ____ of the climate. (PLEASE)unpleasantness107. Put the food on the platter and arrange it ____ (please)pleasingly109. The police have kept the nightclub under ____ because of suspected illegal drug activity. (SURVEY)surveillance110. Designers ____ the boat, hoping to improve its performance. (STREAM)streamlined111. Salmon swim ____ against very strong currents to reach their breeding areas. (STREAM)upstream112. The bread is easy to make and ____ delicious. (DESCRIBE)indescribably113. She's been on ____ ever since her husband died. (DEPRESS)antidepressants114. Juicing is fast becoming a way of life for the ___ at heart. (HEALTH)health-conscious115. There is a fear that members of the ______ younger generation are destined to be the victims of an obesity epidemic. (FOOD / EXERCISE)overfed, under-exercised