ENM401 Unit 1

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to put something in a nutshell
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to get something straight from the horse's mouthto be told something by somebody who has direct knowledge of itto air one's viewsto express your opinion about something in publicto be at a loss for wordsto be unable to say anything because something surprising or totally unexpected has happenedto drop a hintmake a suggestion in an indirect wayto give somebody the low-down on somethinggive somebody all the information they want or need to knowarticulate1) using language in a clear and fluent way 2) to speak distinctly or give clarity to an ideafocusedattention clearly directed towards what you want to do; concentratedreservedslow to reveal emotion or opinioncoherentcomprehensible; logically consistent; understandablehesitantunsure or slow in acting or speakingresponsiveshowing interest and understanding; answering or replyinginhibitedunable to act in a relaxed and natural way because of self-consciousness; reserved, shysensitive1) understanding the feelings and needs to of others 2) easily hurtextrovertedout-going, always likes to be around people, talkativepersuasiveconvincing; providing sound reasoning or argumentsuccinctbrief, concise, expressed in few wordsfluentable to express oneself easily and clearlyramblingdisconnected; not following the subject; unconnectedvagueunclear, ambiguous, uncertaineloquentwell-spoken, expressive, articulate

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