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  1. adenylyl cyclase mediating hormones
  2. Aldosterone
  3. Gonadotrophs
  4. Prolactin Releasing Factor (PRF)
  5. Steroid hormone receptors
  1. a beta adrenergic, LH, FSH, TSH, hCG, vasopressin, ACTH, vasopressin V2
  2. b salt-retaining hormone which promotes the retention of Na+ by the kidneys. Na+ retention promotes water retention, which promotes a higher blood volume and pressure
  3. c stimulates release of prolactin
  4. d LH (luteinising hormone)
    FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), both stimulate gonads
  5. e classically intracellular; hormone passes through cell membrane and acts through a binding cascade to affect transcription

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  1. Protein Hormone
  2. severe pain, increased temperature, loud noise
  3. activation generally associated with transcription
  4. Hypothalamus
  5. paraventricular nuclei of hypothalamus

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  1. Magnocellular neurons produce what hormonesMIF


  2. Peptide YYimportant steriod precursor molecule; BIG! found in posterior, intermediate and anterior pituitary. released early in the morning. precursor to ACTH and endorphins


  3. gene transcription regulation by steroid receptorsreceptor binds hormone, dissociated from complex with heat shock protein, binds upstream to target DNA, recruits coactivators


  4. diabetes insipidusAn increase in blood phosphorus will ________ blood calcium


  5. Follicle Stimulating HormoneWOMEN: initiates growth of ovarian follicles each month and stimulates ovulation; MEN: stimulates sperm production