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  1. What cell can do both gluconeogenesis, glycogenolysis and glycolysis?
  2. Triiodothyronine
  3. Neuroendocrine regulation of ACTH release
  4. What is hexokinase?
  5. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  1. a T3
  2. b CRH and vasopressin act on anterior pituitary to dictate release; glucocorticoids feedback on hypothalamus
  3. c The liver can perform gluconeogenesis glycolysis glycogenolysis and glycogenesis
  4. d causes thyroid gland cells to secrete T3 and T4; stimulates thyroid growth
  5. e Hexokinase converts glucose into glucose-6-phosphate. This requires ATP

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  1. Protein glycoslyation can change the charge of the protein, change 3d structure of the protein, lead to cross-linking of peptide chains, and change function
  2. neuropeptide secreted in the small bowel and colon; signals appetite suppression
  3. What are two evalutations/tests you should perform to help rule out etiologies for hypercalcemia?
  4. DHEA
  5. Anti-histamines

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  1. thyroid follicular cellssecrete T3 and T4


  2. antidiuretic hormone (ADH)ADH


  3. Negative Regulator of ProlactinDopamine


  4. Activinpromotes the utilization of fat by the body and is a precursor to the endorphins


  5. FALSET/F: Phosphate enemas can be given to dehydrated cats