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  1. physiological dose
  2. biologically active concentration of hormone
  3. What happens when your body has a high blood glucose level?
  4. steroid
  5. cretinism
  1. a High blood glucose level stimulates the beta islet cells of the pancreas to produce and release insulin into the blood stream. Insulin stimulates cells to take up glucose and stimulates the liver to create glycogen from glucose. Blood glucose levels will lower.
  2. b severe hypothyroidism in children resulting in physical and mental stunting
  3. c very small; generally nano- to picomolar amounts
  4. d dose of hormone placed experimentally in blood equivalent to that observed in an intact animal
  5. e lipid molecule with four carbon rings that functions as a hormone

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  1. neurotransmitter; endocrine function = inhibits prolactin release
  2. H2 Histamine receptors.
  3. Endocrine cells that secrete hormones into the general circulation
  4. membrane spanning hormone receptors; single membrane spanning component can be with or without tyrosine kinase; 7 membrane spanning may either be coupled to a G protein or be part of an ion channel
  5. Gycogenesis is the creation of glycogen from glucose in the liver

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  1. Leukotrienes5HT


  2. Thromboxanesstimulates production of platelets


  3. Physiologic function of ProlactinLong bone growth and tissue development


  4. Triiodothyroninebiologically significant; acts with a shorter pathway than T4


  5. CytokineReceptor type is important for EPO, leptin, prolactin and GH?